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Richard K says:

"There are no known Earth Trojans."

Hi Richard,

Come on ol' friend, even 2500 years ago Anaxagoras deduced:

"Under the stars are the Sun and Moon, and also certain bodies which
revolve with them, but are invisible to us."

and we've observed enough meteorites to vindicate him!

The "invisible" he was talking about refers to them being too small to
have enough light to reflect to be seen. What is the median threshold
resolution we are talking about nowadays (in mass or diameter) at that

Perhaps the points are not a pocket full of horses, but Chincoteague
Ponies, some used, would be a coupe. Regardless, towing an asteroid
back to earth wasn't what I had in mind at all. Look, we've even sent
Stardust to play tennis with comets, in hope of getting some micron
sized particles, while ignoring the voluminous information guaranteed
to be on the shelves of these libration libraries, not in mass, but in
rubble and dust, a page at a time and conveniently located.

Best wishes

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You want to go the the nearer Lagrangian Points in plain space between
the Earth
and Moon. That is where the most fascinating stuff is to be found,
written in
unaltered stone the genesis of the Moon and plenty more debris to keep
scientists and collectors busy and overworked for the nex 10,000 years!

There are no known Earth Trojans.

Richard Kowalski
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