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Well, Walter,
I cannot speak for Matt, but I have found that getting complete provenance
and Proof of provenance is not always all that easy.
I just discussed with a collector who has been collecting for many years,
but has moved several times in his life; he could tell me exactly what each
piece was and who he had bought it from (and some were from Matt) but he has
lost most of the paperwork.
And 2 years ago I bought a whole collection (some 200 pieces) that had been
boxed and stored in a closet for at least ten years. Again, some of the
labels and receipts were there but not all of them, some were missing, some he
just had little pieces of paper that he had handwritten and stuffed in the
boxes. Since he had stopped collecting some ten years prior, much before
meteorites got popular, I decided to take his word for it, but I had some of the
pieces verified. So I believe I have the right stuff, but you will have to
take my word for it, and you will only get my label.
In other words, it is the same old story: know your dealer, and deal only
with dealers you trust.
Does that help?
Anne M. Black
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Hello Michael,

It really is not that easy. As this example illustrates, even honest
dealers can be duped. I purchase meteorites from a very small list of
dealers. Very small. I have done business with some for 15 years; two I
started buying from this year. All have earned my complete trust.


While I trust these dealer to not intentionally dupe me, how do I know they
trust their sources and they have done their due diligence in the same way

As an example, I applaud Anne Black for setting the example of providing
provenance for her meteorites but how am I assured the person who sold a
given specimen it to Anne did what Anne and I would have done? BTW, I

I sold some meteorites recently. I listed the dealers I purchased the
meteorites from. I sold one last week that I obtained from Matt Morgan. I
told the purchaser I got it from Matt. Did Matt vett his source, as I have
done Matt? I don't know. Did the person before them? I don't know.
I trust Matt.

Remember the, what was it, sandstone dinosaur egg incident?

As we can see, the chain of custody can become quite complicated.

I have been concerned for a long time now about this sort of thing
happening. The surprising thing to me is that it did not happen sooner.

This whole incident is really getting to me. I have had it on my mind all

-Walter Branch
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