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Date: Mon, 9 May 2011 16:18:31 -0400
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Hi List,

Has anyone ever put together a hardness list for meteorites in
relation to the Mohs scale?

I know that irons, stony-irons, friable types (some achondrites, LL's)
will vary greatly in hardness. But what I am curious about is stony
type meteorites, specifically the chondrite family. For example,
let's take the "typical" H5 chondrite - one of the most common of all
meteorite types. Where does the H5 fall on the Mohs hardness scale?

Up until the time I started cutting and polishing meteorites, I
assumed that an L5 would be "softer" than an H5. But, I have run
across some L-chondrites that are very very hard and require the same
amount of sanding/polishing work as some H-chondrites. I am assuming
this is because of the individual mineral compositions of the
meteorites in questions, and not so much the petrologic type. So am I
right to assume that stony meteorite hardness is not dictated solely
by iron content?

Best regards,

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