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<<Greg assured me that Dave Gheesling was already aware of this second
lithology and it was definitely being found at Mifflin strewnfield.>>

Hello Carl, Greg & All,

I haven't been following this thread, but the above sentence was just
brought to my attention and it needs a quick response.

One, I have no recollection of saying this, other than perhaps to the extent
that a breccia, I suppose by definition, is composed of multiple

Two, even if I did say this, I'm not sure that statement should carry any
weight coming from me. There are several in the scientific community far
more qualified than I to make such definitive statements, and I think
they've sufficiently done so already.

Lastly, for now anyway, it's a shame that such a negative thread has emerged
from such a wonderful US fall. My daughter and I were lucky enough to hunt
with some good friends up there for a couple of days. We didn't find
anything ourselves, but I did acquire a stone found by another hunter and am
thrilled to have a complete stone from such a great event housed in my
collection. There is another hunter with a few small, complete Mifflin
individuals who has expressed concern over his ability to market them in
light of this thread. I don't normally acquire multiple stones from a
single location, but if his concerns prove true this will no doubt become an
exception ;-)

All the best,


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I am told that I need to add a few details to my defense of selling this
possible second (odd) looking lithology of Mifflin.
I must admit that I am a bit shocked how quick some people are to be judge ,
jury and executioner all in one swift swoop.
Way back when this first started selling I received a phone call out of the
blue from John Helm. he informed me that he had purchased a slice of mifflin
from Greg C.and Greg gave him my number.
I was a bit surprised because the reason I had partnered with Greg is
because he being a big dealer he would be able to get top dollar for our
material. Whereas on eBay I get chump change for the meteorites I sell. You
see Greg has a web site to sell from and I don't. This was to be a win win
Back to the call; John informed me that he was suspicious of his recent
acquisition from Greg. I told John that this was the first I'd heard of this
and I had never seen any of the material once cut by Greg. I told John i
would get right back with him.
So, I called Greg and he had already looked into this between the time John
called him and me. Greg assured me that Dave Gheesling was already aware of
this second lithology and it was definitely being found at Mifflin
needless to say I was very happy this was so quickly resolved.
I immediately called John back and explained to him that this is not only
good mifflin material but, may end up actually being worth more than the
other lithology because it appears to be more rare, John invited me to hunt
with him if I ever get up to Wisconsin and we hung up friends.
It was not until a few weeks ago that Jason hit me with this bomb.
I explained to Jason all of this and he chose not to agree with the
As I said before. Jason is entitled to his opinion but I think he
overstepped his boundaries before this ends up getting resolved.
Obviously more testing is going to have to be done and Dirk Ross has offered
to have the testing done. I just need to get a piece of this second
lithology and send it to him in Japan.
So, in the mean time people please relax and as was the case with NWA 5400
pairings. Be patient. That one took some special care as well but turned out
to be just fine. I certainly hope this turns out to be from the same fall
but we need the science to be sure. One thing is certain. There has been no
scam commited here and worse case is that everyone will get their money
Thank you.
Carl or Debbie Esparza
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