[meteorite-list] 4 lake bed hunt, New Lake Bed finds / Photo's

From: Larry Atkins <thetoprok_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 11 May 2011 23:03:04 -0400
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Hey Everyone,

I just got home late last night from my extended trip out west. I
loaded some pictures of Scott and Terri's and my finds from the Nevada
dry lake hunt that Scott reported on.


It's worth a glance, some of the meteorites were very nice looking with
good crust and contraction cracks. There's a few pictures of my cat and
dog too!

I had a great time out there. Hunting with Scott and Terri is pleasure,
thanks guys!

Larry Atkins
IMCA # 1941

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Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] 4 lake bed hunt, New Lake Bed finds

Terri, Scott & Sundance?
Thank you for the outline of your trek. Sounds like everyone had a
trip, even the sledgehammer had a good time.?
In a past life, i've had some aerobatic experiences in a composite
Grob, supposedly rated _at_ 13g's. The most i ever saw was 6-7 and then
"grey". Don't go there!?
With the very serious issue at hand, it was quite refreshing to hear of
new finds and the story behind them!!?
I envy your ability to take such trips and enjoy the fever of "just one
(are the wife and vehicles for rent-and, most important, can Larry
Sorry Larry.?
I hope others chime in on your story and new finds.?
The best to Sundance.?
John Lutzon?
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Subject: [meteorite-list] 4 lake bed hunt, New Lake Bed finds?
> Hi All, Just a quick update from out in the field. My Wife Terri & I
> to do a biz trip to Ca to teach flying. So I made arrangements to add
> few weeks of meteorite hunting in on the trip. We started out with?
> blizzard conditions at lake bed #1. Two nights the temp dipped to 15
> 17 degrees. It was snowing, then raining, then hailing on us for a
> days, when out on the hunt. Lake bed 1 was a old strune field that we?
> worked over for 3 days. We recovered about 3 lbs that totaled over
> meteorite frags. Weather was warming a bit so we moved to lake bed #
2. It?
> was real difficult getting on this lake bed as the snow melt was
> into it and it was nearly full of water. We still hunted the dry edge
> a day but no luck. There was lots of evidence of native Americans
> in the area . We hit the road for lake bed #3. We had made
> for one of our meteorite hunting friends to come join us at lake bed
> once we arrived at the location #3 we found it difficult to find the?
> correct road onto the lake bed. During our hunt for the road out in?
> remote NV. I had a blow out on my Kawasaki teryx trailer. I had my
> camper on the truck , so I could not see or feel that my trailer
wheel had?
> blown, so by the time I stopped my tire & rim were destroyed. I had
> in a spare off my aircraft trailer before leaving the airpark. When I?
> tried to change the tire I find that my spare rim is about 1/8th inch?
> larger. So we camp for the night on this remote road. The next day I?
> unhooked the trailer leaving Terri & Sundance to to watch things. I
> Terri my 9 mm to protect herself in case any yahoos gave her trouble.
> drive to the nearest town was a wake up call. There were no tire
> left in this town. The last one went out of biz 3 days before I
> into town. I did find a guy to help me put the rubber off my rim that
> not fit onto the smashed up rim. I had a sledge hammer so I smashed
> rim into better shape. Once I we got the tire on, it was still
> air. I beat the edge of the rim with my sledge until it stopped
> air. To make a long story short I had to drive about 150 miles on
this bad?
> rim & tire to the nearest big town where I got 8 ply rubber on all
tires &?
> two new rims. By that afternoon we were back at Lakebed #3 for the
> Larry arrived also, so the next day we hunted all day long with no
> and nearly got stuck in our 4x4 buggy on the wet lake bed. Then on
day two?
> Larry & found the strings of gravel that we were hunting for the day?
> before. Within a minute or two Larry found 1 nice one then 5 min
later I?
> found a nice complete meteorite with flow lines about 20 ft from
> find. It was barely magnetic so we looked it over real good & figured
> was likely a LL or possibly even more rare. It was past lunch so we
> back to base camp for lunch & tell Terri of our finds & bring her
> after lunch for the hunt. Once we got back from lunch & back hunting,?
> within about 10 min I was showing Terri the string of rocks that we
> going to hunt real good. Just as I said she needs to find a nice big
> I look down & there was a nice 60 gram specimen right in front of me.
As I?
> was documenting my find. Terri located a real nice meteorite of her
> it was a very nice looking meteorite with broken fusion crust & nice?
> olivine. Then just after Terri did here pics & GPS location about 100?
> yards off Larry makes a real nice find. It was a real fresh looking
> It was amazing as it totally looked new. So we were on a nice finding
> as we hunted the long string of rocks that had been collecting in
> area for ages. In the end on this new lake bed Terri recovered 1 nice?
> meteorite, Larry had 3 and I had 3. So 7 new finds at this new
> was quite nice. After looking at our finds, it looks like 4 to
possibly 5?
> different meteorite falls. Once they get classified then we will know
> sure if our guesses are correct on types. Larry had to head the to
east &?
> we headed west towards Ca. I was like a Alcoholic needing a other
drink .?
> Or like a gambler that wants that one last bet. As a meteorite
> junky I needed just 1 more hunt. Just give me one more & I will be
O.K. to?
> leave the lovely deserts I love so much. I knew of other lake beds I
> hunt on our way west but time was getting short. Terri was turning
into a?
> meteorite hunting junkie also after her big 7 lb find this last Feb
in AZ.?
> and then her 300 finds at the first strune field, then her last find
a few?
> days back really set the hook on her meteorite hunting life style. So
> both of us now hooked on space rock hunting, we decided we had better
> in & hunt one more lake bed for a day. I had been to this lake bed
> & found 6 small ones & 1 bigger one. But once we arrived we found the?
> lakebed had resurfaced and nothing was like it was before. The
location I?
> had found meteorite before was now bare of all rocks all together.
Just in?
> 1 winter this area totally changed. I followed some ice rafted rocks
> some other debris like old rubber tires that all got blown across the
> bed in super strong NE winds & likely frozen lake bed. So we followed
> signs & hunted the western shore line where it all was blown into.
> 15 min of hunting that shore I located a nice 30 gram meteorite that
> like a H to me. Terri hunted her butt off but nothing else reviled
> to us all morning. By noon the lakebed was a blow down & we had to
> It was a total white out of dust & very difficult to drive or find
our way?
> off this now dusty mess. I found my tire tracks & followed them off
in the?
> white out. Terri was driving the Kawasaki side by side off & she
> ate lots of dust on her way off the lake bed. The blow down happened
> quickly & lasted for the afternoon. We are now in Ca. teaching flying
& I?
> got to say I wish I was back hunting for flying rocks. On a great
note, my?
> wife Terri is hooked big big time now on meteorite hunting. And I got
> say she is quite the hunter gal. Also, Larry is quite the fun &
> meteorite hunter & great to hunt with. Now back to important issues
> trying to figure out where to hunt on our way back home to WA State.
> hunting to all!?
> When I get time I will post a link for photos.?
> Scott , Terri & Sundance Johnson?
> U.S. AirBorne Sport Aviation LLC?
> Eagles Nest Airpark?
> Sport Pilot C.F.I WSC-L WSC-S?
> www.usairborne.com?
> info at usairborne.com?
> Office 509-780-0554?
> Cell 509-780-8377?
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> From: "Larry Atkins" <thetoprok at aol.com>?
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> Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] Real or not real.?
>> Greg, Jim, List,?
>> I found something while following up on a meteorite lead, a story of
>> witnessed fall by a farmer who picked up a 25 lb. rock that
>> fell?
>> right in front of him. Many years later the great grandson wanted to
>> the 'meteorite' but it was nowhere to be found.?
>> He enlisted me to search the property where the farm once stood and
>> found this enigma in about an hour. When the great grandson saw the
>> still setting on the ground where I found it he got really excited
>> saying that he recognized it, I had found the 'meteorite'.?
>> I almost hate to dredge this story up but it is relevant to the
>> I found the rock in 2001. Within 3 weeks of its discovery and after?
>> passing through?
>> the hands of several esteemed meteorite experts It was sent to the?
>> U.S.Dept. of Energy for?
>> Al 26 counting. It was deemed by the?
>> U.S. D.O.E. not a meteorite due to a lack of Al 26. When I asked
what it?
>> was they said they did not know, they were so certain it was a?
>> meteorite that they tested it for 100 times less Al 26 than?
>> they expected to find in a?
>> normal meteorite but still found none. I was told that it is a rock?
>> unlike any they had ever seen, perhaps from Disko Island (due to its
>> content) but not like anything they had seen from Disko Island.
>> then, samples of it have been archived at three different
>> for 'future study' should anything arise (or fall) to justify it. My?
>> own amateur research indicates to me that it may possibly be some
sort of?
>> impact?
>> debris, possibly related to the KT impact. Two main reasons for this?
>> potential conclusion are the fact that Argon dating puts it at the?
>> right age, 75 ma. + / - 10 million, and the fact that there are some?
>> unusual crystals, tiny Cr spinels with a peculiar feature that are
>> found in one other place on Earth, the KT boundary layer. Those?
>> crystals, (in the KT) are pseudomorphs after spinel and the dirt?
>> immediately adjacent to the xtals is enriched in Cr. suggesting a?
>> possible relation. These crystals in the KT layer are thought to
>> condensed and?
>> precipitated from the plume that shrouded the planet. There is
>> camp that thinks the xtals may be from the impactor.?
>> To address Jim Wooddells concerns, let me say that I was told flat
>> that the reason they couldn't or wouldn't take this to the final?
>> conclussion was simple, it could jeopardize future funding and?
>> professional reputation. It seems that if a scientist spends a bunch
>> money and wastes a lot of time on an object that turns out to be?
>> nothing, monies and reputation are at stake. I can understand this I?
>> guess, but it seems like a sure way to ensure that the really odd
>> will not be recognized unless it's an irrefutable witnessed fall.?
>> Of course it could all be a big coincidence, just a man made rock
>> fooled the Argon dating process. Some have scoffed at it saying it
>> nothing unusual, but the majority of experts say that it is a very?
>> unusual rock.?
>> This is evident when looking at a sawn surface, you ca see that it's
>> of minerals with texture, it looks nearly?
>> identicle to D'Orbigny. In fact, several experts thought it was?
>> an angrite at first look. When I saw D'Orbigny the first time in
>> room I almost fell over. Tiny crystals in the vugs sparkling in the?
>> light like little diamonds, just like mine. On closer examination I
>> that the crystals were not the same.?
>> To this day I do not know it's true origin, any meteoriticists or?
>> impact experts out there with deep pockets and nothing to lose care
>> take a stab at it??
>> I posted some pictures to photobucket.?
>> http://s934.photobucket.com/albums/ad190/alienrockfarm/2001%20Find/?
>> Ths is an extremely condensed version of the story, it's truly one
of the?
>> most fascinating meteorwrong stories of all time.?
>> Happy Hunting!?
>> Sincerely,?
>> Larry Atkins?
>> IMCA # 1941?
>> Ebay alienrockfarm?
>> Sincerely,?
>> Larry Atkins?
>> IMCA # 1941?
>> Ebay alienrockfarm?
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>> Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] Real or not real.?
>> Hello Jeff,?
>> The problem with that analogy is that visual inspection is only a
>> small part of the testing of a rock. While your post appears to?
>> suggest the scientist could not tell, it does not indicate that any?
>> testing was completed on it. What testing was done on it????
>> I could be totally wrong but sure hope that with the bazillions of
>> dollars spent on funding research, in this day and age, I would?
>> suggest that there better not be a rock out there the scientist can?
>> not identify.?
>> I really get the impression that maybe the scientists where being?
>> polite and not attempting to burst your bubble??
>> Respectfully, what scientist in their right mind would turn down a?
>> valid cold find or a new fall specimen? Does this actually happen????
>> Any scientists out there????
>> Check out my number 4 of 4 finds on yesterday's hunt at Franconia :?
>> http://desrtsunburn.no-ip.org/DSCN0142.jpg (~5mb macro)?
>> Kind Regards,?
>> Jim Wooddell?
>> http://desertsunburn.no-ip.org?
>> ---?
>> On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 1:46 AM, Jeff Kuyken
<info at meteorites.com.au>?
>> wrote:?
>>> I have a stone from years ago that appears oriented but weathered.
>> was?
>>> originally thought to be a planetary but that did not seem to pan
>>> clearly. The problem was that the very qualified scientist could
>> say for?
>>> sure what it was and could also not rule out other options like an?
>> Earth?
>>> meteorite either. Further tests were just too expensive and the
>>> didn't allow for it.?
>>> The thing is that the stone was even taken along to one of the
>> Met?
>>> Society meetings and passed around to various people along with a?
>> couple of?
>>> well known planetary scientists from NASA looking at it. A couple?
>> suggested?
>>> it is likely some sort of basalt but not one person could come up?
>> with any?
>>> idea of where or how it formed. Basically they said to just wait
>> see if?
>>> any other similar NWA's showed up over the years. I'm still
>> ;-)?
>>> So yes... there are definitely stones out there that stump even the?
>> best.?
>>> Cheers,?
>>> Jeff?
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>>> Subject: [meteorite-list] Real or not real.?
>>>> To all,?
>>>> Are there any stones that have been found that are unable to be?
>>>> definitively identified as a meteorite? In other words, are there?
>> stones?
>>>> (metal or stony) that the meteorite experts of the world examine?
>> closely,?
>>>> and then just say, "We just don't know"??
>>>> Greg L.?
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