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Hello Ron,

Welcome to the wonderful world of meteorites and the List. It's obvious by your post that you already have been "struck by the thunderbolt" and have spent time in getting yourself together to go "get some".

>From what I've read of your preparations, you don't need anyone to hold your hand. You already know where the strewn fields are. Get "boots and eyeballs on the ground".

Don't worry...there are still meteorites left in every location. I know. On my first real hunt I was dropped in the middle of an area that had been chicken scratched for years by experts.... and within a hundred yards I tripped over a twenty nine pounder!

Meteorites don't care where they fall. Use your "noodle and your eyes" and go get 'em!

Best regards,

Count Deiro
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>Hello Everyone,
>I live in San Antonio and have been doing all of my homework. Reading, getting pictures of stones, and even purchased a couple of samples to study. What are the chances of searching an area that had a fall in 1950 and 1980? Would it be a waste of time? More specifically, I am looking at the Guadeloupe area just east of San Antonio. I have all of the coordinates and I'm going to track down the land owners. Also, if it is a single recovery of a stone, what would the best method be to search the area? Search in Radiating circles? I don't have any information on the direction of the meteorite.
>I am also thinking of going to the Ash Creek strewn field. I don't think it's possible that it can be all searched out. What do you guys think? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also think the best way of successfully hunting is to get experience from someone. Are there any groups in the area, or someone willing to be a mentor?
>Equipment: GB2, Rare Earth Mags, GPS, digging tools, plenty of books and lots of determination.
>Sorry if this is a duplicate, my first one was rich text.
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