[meteorite-list] Lovina: most likely not a meteorite

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Date: Tue, 24 May 2011 21:59:03 -0400
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Man, I knew that thing was too weird to be a meteorite. I wonder if the the
MetBull will take it off their list or will they leave it, like they're
doing with the Al Haggounia 001 aubrite kerfuffel.

Phil Whitmer



I just received a preliminary abstract on Lovina from Kuni Nishiizumi of UC
Berkeley's Space Sciences Laboratory. Kuni, the abstract's lead author,
concluded it is unlikely Lovina is a meteorite. The markers analyzed were
beryllium and chlorine concentrations and the paucity of cosmogenic
radionuclides (only Gibeon and Nantan show less). One more round of tests
will occur and further conclusions will be drawn from the same. The abstract
entitled "Lovina: is this a Meteorite?" will appear in the MAPS volume
associated with the 74th Annual Meteoritical Society Meeting this coming

It has been suggested by some diehards that the bubbling evident in the
Lovina mass could have been the result of smelting, and that the lack of
cosmogenic radiation could be explained by Lovina having been near the
center of a much larger mass---as we know Lovina originated from at least a
somewhat larger mass for the ziggurat structures to have formed. However, in
the spirit of embracing the most likely of explanations, it seems compelling
to conclude that the most likely explanation for an expanding host of
anomalies is Lovina's terrestrial origin.

Accordingly, I've decided to no longer offer Lovina as a meteorite and have
asked my webmaster to take down references to the same on Macovich.com at
her earliest possible convenience.

All best / Darryl
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