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Fascinating material !!!

Nice to see you back in business again.

Good luck with the NEW naturesvault !


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>Dear List Members,
>Over the last four months I have been reorganizing my company to make things
>easier for me in order to better serve the meteorite community.
>To start my official Grand Re-Opening, I have the honor and privilege to
>introduce to you...
>Northwest Africa 6704...
>...a 'most intriguing' New Ungrouped Achondrite.
>NWA 6704 is a most intriguing meteorite unlike any others known to man! Not
>only does it have tremendous scientific value, it is one of the most
>visually appealing meteorites with its dazzling display of yellowish-green
>orthopyroxene crystals containing small grains of olivine and chromite
>surrounded by large intercumulus grains of albite enclosing small grains of
>awaruite (a rare very nickel-rich metal alloy). Oxygen isotope results plot
>this achondrite within the field for acapulcoites-lodranites, but that is
>where any comparison stops. NWA 6704 is unlike any other meteorite! If that
>isn?t enough, this incredible meteorite contains an abundance of ?bubble
>trains? within the orthopyroxene which appear to be devoid of fluid upon
>initial inspection. Ongoing analyses are currently being performed to
>measure the cosmogenic noble gases to determine its CRE age (time spent in
>space) and to possibly detect trapped gases or even atmosphere from the NWA
>6704 parent body!
>Close-up image of the NWA 6704 matrix:
>Bubble trains and cleavages in orthopyroxene (width of field 0.593 mm)
>Bubble trains and cleavages in orthopyroxene (width of field 0.237 mm)
>NWA 6704 has a Total Known Weight of 8387 grams in a single, naturally
>fractured stone that was discovered in Northwest Africa in 2010. In their
>eagerness to see what was ?inside? the stone, the Algerian finders
>unfortunately broke the largest pieces, as can be seen in the image of the
>reassembled stone below. Also visible are the natural breaks along extended
>segment boundaries which have been sandblasted over time in the Sahara,
>smoothing the edges on the largest pieces and a more ?rounding? of the
>smaller fragments. Oddly, NWA 6704 is almost entirely devoid of visible
>fusion crust; only a single 1.5cm x 2cm patch exists, raising questions as
>to how this can be. Through a determined effort over a four month period,
>the distributed parts were purchased by Greg Hup? and reassembled into a
>single stone resembling a ?puzzle?. It is remarkable that the finders were
>able to collect even the smallest of fragments!
>Reassembled mass of the NWA 6704 ?puzzle? meteorite (measures 27cm x 16cm x
>Close-up image of only fusion crust ?patch? on NWA 6704 (measures 1.2cm x
>Thin section image of NWA 6704 in cross-polarized light (width of field 5
>Officially accepted classification of NWA 6704 entered in the Meteoritical
>(Note: the TKW is 8387 grams with 42 pieces, entry errors should be
>corrected soon).
>Best Regards,
>Greg Hup?
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