[meteorite-list] Gold and Iridium content of meteorites (especially irons)

From: Michael Gilmer <meteoritemike_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2011 20:33:34 -0400
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Hi List,

In perusing through the latest additions to the Met Bulletin today, I
was reading the compositional data for NWA 6932 (iron, ungrouped). I
noticed that the gold (Au) content was listed at 1.49mg/g. Is this
sort of data as straight-forward as it appears, or is there more to it
that this layman is missing? In other words, how much gold is in this
meteorite? The TKW of this meteorite is 32kg. So, with 1000g in a
kilo, and 1000mg in a gram, how much gold is in this celestial hunk of
iron? (my math is horrible)

Second question, what is highest known gold content in a meteorite and
what meteorite is it?

Third question, some meteorites also have high iridium content. What
is the highest known iridium content in a meteorite?

I am not suggesting in any way that meteorites should be refined or
melted down to extract their precious metals content, but given the
high value of metals such as gold and iridium, has any profiteer tried
such an endeavour? Or would the process be too complex and expensive?

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