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Thanks Richard for the kind words; things aren't well these days so
they were especially appreciated...

That was a good one you comented on courtesy of Google. Let me just
say that this stuff writes itself ;-)

At the moment the score on outlandish meteorite rumors is -
Argentina: 1 Mexico: 1
in the 6-year old photographer vs. War of the Worlds match up. But the
powerhouses of India and Russia haven't come out on the field lately.

I'm just sad that the situation in Buenos Aires had casulties making
this oven accident itself sombering; but the kid's story was the

Here's another nice anecdote from Mumbai, India and the new
Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation Museum:


Many of us attribute aspects of life to selected meteorites in our
brief possession - I enjoyed this one since it merges Tucson with
Mumbai, concerning Dho 458:

" 'Till the sun and moon exist, Mumbai will not be merged with
Maharashtra.' Hence, we procured the rock so that it serves as a
constant reminder to people that Mumbai will always be a part of
Maharashtra. "

Kindest wishes,

PS There's always more, here's a reference, though not mentioning the
meteorite shower by name, to the Draconid Meteor Shower (Giacobinids)
we are entering now. Fom the Russian Press: The headline, though
leaves much to be desired ... they just write themselves!

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Your colorful insight is, well, always worth-a-read and imminently
anticipated in all stories meteoritic...I urge you to write a
book...I'd be
the first in line to have it. I'm serious!

Richard M

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> http://www.perfil.com/contenidos/2011/10/02/noticia_0007.html
> Oct 2 article: The Argentine explosion on September 26 which was
> to be meteorite-related caused a tremendous scandal for this young
> 19-year old Emilio Veron single-handedly seeded the rumor which
spread via
> internet like wildfire with a picture he claimed was of the falling
> that caused the fireball. The image he claimed was found not to be
of the
> explosion. But the quick thinking naughty muchacho had an
explanation: My
> 6-year old little sister took the picture two weeks earlier of this
> fireball and I am sure this time it was something that fell from the
> this time so I errrr...showed the press our image, but it was just
> errrr...like an example I was showing them. It's not my fault.
> it's all a big cover-up, I still believe something fell from the sky.
> Well, in Argentina they know how to deal with fibbing muchachos. He
> thrown in jail overnight and complained of getting his human rights
> trampled since he was not given any explanation of why. After his
> got his release, it was said he was locked up for providing "false
> witness" (comment: as contrasted with pseudometeorite this would be
> pseudowitnessed fall!)
> The kid felt bad though since he lived three blocks away and was on
> patio when he heard (Note: did not SEE, although he says it came from
> sky!) the explosion with his brother and they ran to help the
> including the 8 serious besides the one death. Some treatment for
being a
> Good Samaritan, huh ;-)
> Expert investigators certified that it was a gas leak coming from a
> oven which filled the place to an explosive mixture which then
> Kindest wishes
> Doug
> "Est?n tapando algo", afirma el joven que tom? la foto del meteorito
> Se llama Emilio Ver?n, tiene 19 a?os y estuvo preso por mostrar la
> del supuesto meteorito que caus? la explosi?n en donde muri? una
> Fotos.
> Ver Comentarios (43)
> 02.10.2011 | 12:05
> El celular que captur? la imagen de la pol?mica. | Foto: DyN
> Ampliar Fotogaler?a
> Emilio Ver?n tiene 19 a?os y gan? popularidad esta semana por haber
> mostrado una foto de un meteorito que, seg?n se dijo en un primer
> provoc? en la madrugada del lunes en Monte Grande la tremenda
> que caus? el derrumbe de un almac?n y dos viviendas. All? muri? una
> de 43 a?os y otros ocho vecinos sufrieron heridas.
> El hecho es oficialmente atribuido a una fuga de gas de un horno
> del comercio que funcionaba en el lugar. Por esa raz?n, una foto
> en un mal momento, Ver?n estuvo preso 12 horas durante el martes,
junto a
> su hermano Jonathan de 18 a?os. ?Falso testimonio?, dijeron los
> pero los polic?as nunca le dijeron el motivo de su detenci?n.
> La foto, en realidad y seg?n cuenta ?l, hab?a sido tomada por su
> menor (Mar?a Soledad, de seis a?os) dos semanas antes de la tragedia
> mostraba un objeto rojo que ca?a del cielo. Ver?n les mostr? esa
imagen a
> los medios solamente con la intenci?n de graficar qu? pudo haber
ca?do. El
> dato se propag? con la velocidad de la luz y as? fue que termin?
> En entrevista con PERFIL, Emilio cont? su historia, a?n convencido de
> ?algo? cay? del cielo. ?Esa madrugada estaba en el patio de mi casa,
> mi hermano Jonathan. Escuchamos la explosi?n y salimos corriendo a
ver lo
> que hab?a pasado?, recuerda.
> Emilio vive en una casa humilde a tres cuadras de donde sucedi? todo.
> primero que hicimos al llegar fue ayudar a sacar gente de los
> era un desastre?, agreg?. El estallido fue a las dos de la ma?ana y
> junto con su hermano, pasaron la madrugada ayudando a los
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