[meteorite-list] Meteorite fall in Draveil (Essonne), France?

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I just found out that there are interesting similarities between the last French fall in February 2002 (Alby sur Ch?ran, Haute Savoie, France) and this one:

This is said in the Bulletin about Alby sur Ch?ran:


"stone with black shiny fusion crust was found on March 22 in the roof of a building, in a hole in the insulating material. Water was first observed leaking from the ceiling inside the building at 8:30 am on March 18, 2002. The stone had broken into 2 fragments (238.9 g and 13 g) upon impact."

- found in the insulation material of a roof because water was leaking through
- meteorite has broken into two fragments

The Draveil meteorite was also found in the insulation material of the roof, broke into one bigger fragment of 87 g and a few smaller ones of 18 g, making it 105 g altogether, and was discovered because of leaking water in the house.

By the way, Soltmany was also a 'roof hitter'...

Let's go out and check our roofs... ;-)


PS: Yes, Mike G., France IS very friendly!

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>Hi Fresh Fall Fans!
>(say that ten times fast)
>This unofficial fall would be called Draveil for discussion purposes.
>>From what I could gather on the translated stories, it fell on
>September 9, 2011 and struck a home while the family was away. Is
>there a known fireball associated with this one, or any video/radar?
>I updated the Recent Falls page here - http://www.galactic-stone.com/pages/falls
>I think France should be a little friendlier to hunt than Kenya. Stay
>safe folks and good luck! Bring home the stones! :)
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>> I hope they don't get teased as much as I do with my last name(though
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