[meteorite-list] Mysterious meteorite in Beijing, China

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Dear list members,

here is some Chinese television footage (Beijing Television, October 9, 9.52 pm (local time) )
on the meteorite.
It does look fresh.
What is your opinion on this one?
Can anyone translate what is said in the report?


Best wishes


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>Mysterious meteorite in Beijing, China?
>Was there another meteorite fall on June 16 (or 27 ?) 2011, 8.00 pm or was it found somewhere?
>It weighs 4936 g and seems to be 'special':
>1 "one of its surface showing yellow and silver or white gold metallic minerals, metal melting point and the obvious massive class, not an ordinary chondrite stone"
>2. "the surface through its coin-sized internal damage we can see that show green meteorite, meteorites do not generally gray, indicating its special ingredients"
>3. "third is the color of their skin with black and brown, and dark and different from ordinary meteorites"
>possible witness report from a Mr. Zhang:
>"Mr Zhang said, according to this year, June 27 8:00 pm, he was walking to the ground, suddenly the sky came the same as the roar of landing aircraft, there are things sped to hit the ground at a height of a man splashes soil, feeling like a bomb landed about 10 minutes later, he boldly and watch as more than a stone in the ground, touched the warm feeling well, next to a few scattered fragments, so he will have collected rocks and debris. "
>Best wishes
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