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From: Aleksandr V. Leonenko <alphoto_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 21:19:26 +0400
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Greetings ?r.de Boer, list and who all that to me has answered.
Stone # 2 it is valid not a meteorite - I have sawn it (not
qualitatively), excuse.
http://s006.radikal.ru/i2 13/1110/53/a0d53ebe4587.jpg
The sample of the present meteorite at me isn't present, unfortunately.
I envy all to those who can search for meteorites in Oman, it is my
dream. But I don't surrender, I continue search in Uzbekistan though
many speak that it isn't perspective. We have perspective territories,
now I collect means for full-scale expedition to stony desert to the
east from the city of Uchkuduk. Besides there are many other places. As
soon as I will be ready I will invite all interested persons through

To meetings!
Navoi. Uzbekistan.

* sbdeboer <sbdeboer at hurontel.on.ca> [Sun, 9 Oct 2011 22:02:25 -0400]:
> Hi Aleksandr :
> I just looked a your pictures of stones and am not convinced that
> they
> are meteorites . the first stone looks like a pretty stone but VERY
> doubtful that it is a meteorite the #2 stone is harder to tell
> it
> does n t have a cut face . Does it stick to a magnet ? I doubt
> it
> is a meteorite . I hope you do find one
> Where are you ? Do you have any meteorite to compare it with or I
> should
> send you one meteorite. Your English is OK to understand Write
> again I
> live in Canada and have collected meteorites for 10 years and have
> hunted
> in the desert of Oman and at Whitecourt Alberta and have found
> meteorites
> in both places thanks simon de Boer
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> Greetings to all!
> In advance I am sorry for my bad English.
> For a long time I am engaged in searches of meteorites in the Central
> Asia. But stones represented on a photo cause in me difficulties in
> definition. I understand that on a photo to judge difficult, but I
> be grateful to all who will answer.
> Whether it is necessary to do the spectral analysis?
> They are similar to what kinds of meteorites? (If are similar)
> Stone #1
> http://s013.radikal.ru/i322/1110/5d/e29015146011.jpg
> Stone #1 in Kizilkum desert
> http://s44.radikal.ru/i103/1110/88/35b468a88b7a.jpg
> Stone #2
> http://i078.radikal.ru/1110/3a/606579c65a99.jpg
> Stone #2 in Mirzachul desert
> http://s51.radikal.ru/i132/1110/57/8009aa5317be.jpg
> Yours faithfully.
> Leonenko A.V.
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Yours faithfully.
Aleksandr V. Leonenko.
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