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> The photo to me looks promising. Would like to see a
> closeup of it.
> Mike G.

Yes, this one appears to be genuine. No fantastical claims, just a rock in
the loft and it looks like the real deal at this first glance

Rob McC
Yes, this one is real. And it is an H5 according to Alain Carion.
And the French law is similar to the American one, as the owner of the land
the meteorite falls on is automatically the owner of the meteorite. And
yes, it can be exported.
However, this is a small meteorite. It broke in 2 pieces while still
falling, both pieces fell on differents roofs, and the largest one broke in two.
One of those pieces has already been donated to the Musee d'Histoire
Naturelle in Paris, one is kept by the family who found it as a souvenir. The third
piece will probably show up on the market, but I expect the price to be much
higher than it should be for on ordinary chondrite.
And it is not really a Paris stone, it fell on a far suburb of Paris, some
20 miles south-est of Paris proper.

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