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That's great news and hopefully everyone who deserves a specimen will
be happy.

Over 16 pounds of meteorites certainly must have caused a clamor when
it fell!

... and likely over more than the 1 st Arr...

Hopefully this meteorite will go down with a fall date. Has anyone
checked the fireball reports during the time those folks were on
vacation or before, checking the weather history to see the last prior
big rain in case it clobbered the roof unnoticed? Any date info from
these new finds (he patiently asks), now that the chat is out of the
chapeaux, no sense in not trumpetting the fall date from Concord Square
to the Eiffel Tower ...

Kindest wishes

PS Was it me or did Alain Carion cook like Chief Jacques Clouseau in
the newspaper photo that was posted?

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To all the collectors out there who are dying to add a piece of that
meteorite to your collection:
Patience, please Patience. It will happen.

The team from the Museum of Paris just found a 2 kilo mass, and Alain
Carion got a phone call from a guy who found a 5.3 kilos mass, he does
not have
it yet but he is negotiating and here is a picture:

And this certainly indicates that there are more pieces out there,
eventually they will be found.
So, patience everybody!

Anne M. Black
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