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Yes, Doug,
Alain Carion did hear from one eye-witness who is absolutely positive that
it fell on Wednesday July 13, between 11 and noon.
However the sky was very dark, overcast and stormy looking, so it was
probably mistaken for thunder and lightning.
Nothing more at this time.
Anne Black
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and if it came down during the day, any reports from Paris-ORLY
Airport? Maybe som of the problem is Draveil is 2 km (1.5 miles) from
the airport and folks don't notice loud booms. But the control tower
must have had an excellent view

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To all the collectors out there who are dying to add a piece of that
meteorite to your collection:
Patience, please Patience. It will happen.

The team from the Museum of Paris just found a 2 kilo mass, and Alain
Carion got a phone call from a guy who found a 5.3 kilos mass, he does
not have
it yet but he is negotiating and here is a picture:

And this certainly indicates that there are more pieces out there,
eventually they will be found.
So, patience everybody!

Anne M. Black
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