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Dear list members

I have an auction for collectors of historic meteorites ending on EBAY today.

For sale is a small affordable fragment of a very hard to get historic meteorite from the 18th Century:

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MAUERKIRCHEN 1768 Fall (Bavaria/Austria) !! - VERY RARE witnessed historic fall (November 20, 1768)


Mauerkirchen has a low distribution in collections worldwide

In a letter to Ernst Chladni 'Hofrath' [councilor] Mr. Blumenbach wrote the following about the Mauerkirchen fall:

"In the evening, after 4 pm, of November 20, 1768, in the presence of a noticable dark sky in the Occident, several honest people, who have been questioned under oath, heard an unusual roar and a forceful bang in the air. It was similar to a thunder and shooting ofcannons. In the middle of this turmoil a stone fell from the air onto the field of the mercenary Georg Bart. It was confirmed by the authorities that this stone, making a hole of 2.5 feet [~ 75 cm] depth, was 6 inches [~15 cm] wide and weighed 38 Bavarian pounds. It is of soft matter so that it can be crumbled with the fingers. The color is bluish, mixed up with some white paste. On top of this it is covered with black bark".

(translated from Annalen der Physik, Vol. 15, pages 316-317, published in 1803)

old picture: http://www.encyclopedia-of-meteorites.com/test/mauerkirchen2.JPG

The meteorite comes with two ID cards of well-known IMCA members.

Have a very nice, hopefully sunny, weekend!

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