[meteorite-list] Volcano... Or Giant Impact?

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Discovery story from 2008:

Ullapool, Scotland, 1.2 billion years ago. Like most,
if not all, billion years plus craters it is buried deep,
but there is a 50-kilometer ejecta blanket.

Wikipedia article:
    "The crater, preserved under sedimentary layers of
sandstone, is currently presumed to lie under the
Minch, the waterway that separates the Isle of Lewis
in the Outer Hebrides from the north-west Highlands
of Scotland. It has been estimated that the impact
would have created a blast with the force of 145,000

Sterling K. Webb
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> My guess is that the impact was at an oblique angle, since we have
> many other impact structures without such pyroclastic like flows.
> Anyone know where the impact crater (if preserved) is in relationship
> to the flow deposits?
> Mike Fowler
> Chicago
>> An interesting study, with implications
>> for how we think giant impacts behave.
>> Sterling K. Webb
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>> http://www.space.com/13325-gas-blast-meteorite-strike-resembled-volcanic-eruption.html
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