[meteorite-list] Hard to Polish Meteorites - Any Ideas?

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G'Day Mike and List
It sounds like you've got a dilemma. I'd like to go into it, but I feel
that those that have posted have given you good advice. One additional
piece of information, who I've not been able to equal is Tom Phillips'
ability to create a mirror surface on a meteorite. I kid you not, what
I have in my possession would blow you away. It's a real shame that he
doesn't post to the Met List anymore, but he has his reasons. I suppose
it's similar to Michael Johnson's Picture of the Day, I respect Tom in
all aspects. He has guided me, been by my side, he recommended me for
the IMCA. Yes, I know I shouldn't be mentioning the IMCA here on the Met
List but he deserves a lot more than what people give him.

I will gladly put you in contact with him if you're not able to make
correspondence. He definitely is impeccable in all his work.

John Cabassi
IMCA 2125

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Hi List,

Some meteorites are hard to polish or just won't take a proper polish.
Allende is one example that comes to mind readily.

I've got an endcut of NWA 801 CR2 that came from the Hupe Collection. It
has a wicked glossy polish on it that accentuates the chondrules.

I'm working on some CR2 slices that need polishing and they won't take a
decent polish. I can get the saw marks out, but beyond that I can't get
a polish to take. The more I try, it just muddies up the matrix and
subdues the features. The metal fleck and rings around the armored
chondrules come out nicely, but the rest of the specimen becomes muddy
and the chondrules fade into the matrix. What am I doing wrong? This
particular CR2 is similar to NWA 801, but a little more weathered.
Could that have something to do with it?

Do the Hupes have some magic trade-secret technique? Or am I
overlooking something obvious?

I started out with 320 grit and then progressed to 400, 600, and 800
grit - hand sanding, dry, on wet/dry sandpaper.

Best regards,


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