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Thank you Alan.
Yamato 8333: collected by the members of the National Institute of
Polar Research, Japan, in 1983. Classified as an H5, and only 10mg
(0.010g) according to the Met Bulletin Database.
I supposed the only reason it was found is that it stood out, so to
speak, on white or blue ice.

Anne M. Black
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As Jeff Grossman uncovered, the smallest object named byu the
Committee is Y 8333 which weighs 12 mg. It corresponds to a particle
2 mm in diameter.

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> Hello,
> This question came up on another forum.
> What is the smallest meteorite known? And I mean: still recognizable
> (classifiable) as a meteorite.
> And no, I am not talking about the highly questionable
> supposedly found in gutters.
> I am sure one of you will know the answer!!
> Thanks.
> Anne M. Black
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