[meteorite-list] AD: AML specimens, Moapa Valley, Bondoc, Buzzard Coulee, large Boxhole, NWA 5717 and NWA 6619

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These eBay auctions end in 4 hours ...

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I just added some more specimens including an AML Owasco specimen. I also
have an Etter Texas 124.4g slice with AML specimen card but was not able to
list it on eBay due to exceeding my $$ limit. If interested contact me off
These eBay auctions in 24 hours: http://bit.ly/UElsbR
1) Bondoc: various specimens with bright fresh metal, loaded with olivines.
One slice even has a nodule.
2) Buzzard Coulee: various fresh specimens directly from the finder who
lives in the area of the fall. Copy of export papers provided to the winning
3) Moapa Valley: 0.7g fragment (2 sides flat from cut) ex Sonny Clary.
4) Potter w/ Nininger number painted on: This slice came to me in three
pieces but has a Nininger number on it that was meticulously written on the
side of one of the pieces. The number is intact.
5) Owasco: 8.6g with hand-painted Huss number and matching AML specimen card
6) NWA 5717 Chondrite-UNG: 5.09g. Dual litho, fresh metal and armored
chondrules. Comes with Darryl Pitt specimen card
7) Boxhole: 429g, large sculptural specimen.
8) NWA 6619 (CV3): 64.8g end piece. Comes with Mirko Graul specimen card.

Thank you for looking (and an advance thank you for bidding)!

Mendy Ouzillou
IMCA #8395
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Native English Reviewer for Meteorites Scientific Journal


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