[meteorite-list] AD: some NWA, rare types, historic falls and a hammer

From: Matthew Smith <smithmp_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2012 10:04:43 +0100
Message-ID: <5001362B.6020609_at_gmail.com>

In the last couple of weeks I've been through much of my collection, pulling out
some duplicates and other specimens to sell. I've listed them below, including
details on the provenance I have, where possible the original dealers card will
be included. Several of these prices are below my original cost. The link to
images is at the bottom of the mail.

- Worden (L5) 0.5g of cutting dust, a 1997 "Hammer" stone slices of which can be
seen on the net for $1000/g (Matt Morgan >> Juris P. Breikss), $30

- NWA 3151 (Brachinite) 56mg, ~6x7mm thin slice, very good surface area for the
mass, excellent preparation (Hupe, with original card) $12

- NWA 3133 (Primitive Achondrite) 0.586g polished part-slice (Hupe) $12

- NWA 4590 "Tamassint" (Angrite) 52mg fragment (Hupe with original card) $12

- Some carbonaceous micros, you can have both of these for $22: Murchison (CM2)
~0.10g in small fragments (Dave Harris), Allende (CV3) ~0.07g in 2 fragments,
(Dave Harris).

- NWA ORIENTED Unclassified - 7.1g completely oriented individual (Hupe, with
card), it may be small but it's absolutely perfect! Check images. $45

- NWA 2690, Eucrite, paired with Howardite NWA 1929. (Cottingham), 4.9g
part-slice. $45

- NWA 5480 (olivine diogenite, Hupe). 2.5g, end-cut with one polished face. $30

- NWA 6964, Eucrite described as the "Pearls of vesta" (Chladni's heirs) 0.599g
end-cut/half stone. A must-see, these quickly sold out at $60/g when they
originally came up for sale. $40

- Tatahouine (Wandering Star), 1.0g in two fragments. $10

- NWA Unclassified, ~60% crust, very nice - see link below for photos, pretty
big at 980g and a considerable amount of dark thick crust. Looking on ebay it
seems a lot of people are asking $1/g for this type of material now, so this
should be a bargain at $320

- Lastly some VERY rare UK/Irish micros, $30 for all three: Mooresfort (H5,
1810, Ireland) 10.8mg tiny fragments/dust (Elliott auction), Aldsworth 9.8mg
tiny fragments/dust (Elliott), Hambleton 106.1mg small fragments including
olivine (Elliott)

Pictures available at http://s1243.photobucket.com/albums/gg550/lithobolia/Sale/

I live in the UK, postage to the US for a single small item is approximately $5.
For multiple items or larger pieces I will get a quote on request.



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