[meteorite-list] AD historic meteorites (Cluj, Paris, UNM, WAM, AML, Krantz, LaPaz...) and related (signed books and more)

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Dear fellow collectors,

Here is a list of rare historic meteorites available from The Tricottet Collection. Please contact me off-list for more information. Trades for other historic meteorites is possible.

Abbott, fragment, 3.4g (UNM C75.340 with label)
Abbott, fragment, 2.5g (UNM C75.342 with label)
Boxhole, lot of 5 individuals, 10.8g, 2.6g, 2.4g, 2.3g, 0.9g (AML, all with Huss #, one with AML label)
Canyon Diablo, individual, 42.2g (Nininger red # 2, ASU)
Canyon Diablo, individual, 49.5g (UNM K1.354 with label)
Henbury, shrapnel, 62g (Huss #, featured in 3 pictures in the book Buhl and McColl, 2012)
Holbrook, crusted weathered fragments, 42g (from the 1.456 kg Holbrook meteorite recovered on February 5th, 2007 and featured on Meteorite magazine)
Homestead, crusted cut fragment, 40g (Austrian coll. with label)
Juvinas, fragment, 5.1g (Austrian coll. with label)
Juvinas, micro (UBB in numbered antique glass vial I.22 with label)
Ness County, part slice, 11.2g (Stockwell 11.23, mimeograph label, with a Ward Nat. Sci. Establ. index card from 1950s referring to Stockwell Ness County specimens)
Norton County, stone! with crust patches (40%) on all sides, 1.9g (LaPaz pers. coll.)
Norton County, fragment, 7g (UNM N.13 early number with label)
Norton County, fragment, 3.6g (UNM N.14 early number with label)
Norton County, fragment, 2.5g (UNM N.2774 with label)
Pultusk, part slice, 0.76g (Krantz vintage box and label)
Pultusk, individual, 35.7g (MNHN Paris with label)
Toluca, individual, 680g (Monnig M8.46)
Wellman c, individual, 17.6g (Huss H39.375 with AML label)
Wellman c, individual, 13g (Cornelius 2.45 with label)
Wiluna, oriented individual, 16.1g (WAM red number 12934 111)
Wiluna, individual, 26.4g (WAM red number 12934 95)
Wiluna, individual, 41.5g (WAM white # 12934, red # 12934 112)

Abbreviations: AML = American Meteorite Laboratory, ASU = Arizona State University, MNHN = Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, UBB = Universitatea Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, UNM = University of New Mexico, WAM = Western Australian Museum

Park Forest Garza impact kit no. 1/200, signed + 2 large plastic sidings from Winslow St. impact + large windshield fragment from Grollemond's car impact

Lot of 6 tektites with Futrell numbers (Thailand, Bediasite, Philippinite)
Australite with vintage Ward Nat. Sci. Establ. label

Collection of meteorite stamp sheets: Jilin complete set of 3 sheets, Cape York 2 by 2, 2 by 2 and 2 by 5, Tunguska 2 by 2 and 1, USSR meteoritical Society 2 by 2, ALH84001, Hoba 2 by 2 and 1, Antarctica meteorite stamped postcard

Chapman and Morrison (1990), Cosmic catastrophes, Inscribed and signed
Nininger (1972), Find a Falling Star (hardcover), Inscribed and signed
lot of 4 Russian books (+lot of more than 20 offprints on Russian Meteoritics research in various journals): Krinov, E. L. (1949), Tunguska Meteorite (Russian text). Moscow-Leningrad, 195 pp. / Krinov, E. L. (1950), Stones from the sky (meteorites) (Russian text). Moscow-Leningrad, 80 pp. / Krinov, E. L. (1981), The Iron Shower (Russian text). (on the Sikhote Alin meteorite) / Academy Nauk CCCP (1979), Bibliography of Meteorite Studies, Tektites and Impact Studies. 1969-1972, Moscow, 406 pp.
Borgstr?m, L. H. (1912), Der Meteorit von St. Michel. Bull. Commission G?ologique de Finlande, No. 34, Helsingfors, 49 pp., 3 pls.


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