[meteorite-list] AD: A++ Kentland, IN Crater Shattercones and Impactites!!

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Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2012 11:02:42 -0500
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Hello all,

I've uploaded some photos of a few shattercones which can be viewed by following the following link;


I will be adding other pieces throughout the day and over the next few days.

If you see something your interested in, make me an offer. Trade offers are welcome as well, just email me off list.


Brandon D.
Chicago, Il

B <b1dunovant at aol.com> wrote:

>Hello all,
>I recently made a trip to the impact crater in Kentland, Indiana and collected an array of beautiful Shattercones ranging from 25 gram fragments with beautiful horse-tail patterns to 25 pound complete cones that look like volcanoes, to pieces with multiple complete points. Some even have ammonites and other fossils on one side and beautiful Shattercones on the other.
>Kentland crater is an impact structure in Indiana that is around 97 million years old.? The remnant crater is about 13km in diameter and is the result of an ancient, catastrophic impact from a medium-large size meteorite.
>I have seveal cones that point in opposite directions as well as some that are flatter yet display Shattercones on several sides, some pointing different directions.These are all preserved in limestone and dolomite so they are extremely well detailed and display beautifully.
>In addition to Shattercones I also have amazing cold flow breccias,polymict breccias with amazing shock veins and clast, monomict breccias, and others I cannot describe as I cannot find many pictures online about Kentland material in the variety I have.
>These are absolutely beautiful- some fit for museum display easily. Kentland shattercones are rarely seen as anything more then small fragments, A++quality material is rarely available if ever!
>Don't miss your opportunity to add some of this scarce material to our collection. Best offers will be accepted.
>Brandon D.
>Chicago, IL
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