[meteorite-list] Maps Showing Stages in the Deglaciation of North America

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Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2012 9:58:15 -0500
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For those people interested in background information for
the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis, a paper with maps
showing the stages in the last Pleistocene deglaciation of
North America can downloaded from online for free for a
period of time.

The paper is:

Dyke, A. S., 2004, An outline of North American deglaciation
with emphasis on central and northern Canada. in J. Ehlers and
P.L. Gibbard, eds., pp. 373-424, Quaternary Glaciations-Extent
and Chronology ? Part II: North America. vol. 2, Part B.
Elsiever, New York, New York.

The paper can be downloaded from

The link to this paper is in "October 3rd ? Yellowknife" at

An animation showing the deglaciation of North America
can be found in ?The Last Deglaciation of North America,
21,400 - 5700 years ago, animation? at

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Paul H.
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