[meteorite-list] Final report on analysis of fake martian meteorites sold on ebay

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Daniel and Dr Korotev

Great job with this. I have been contact some eBay members today and letting them know by emailing them from eBay but I can only email about 10 people a day on eBay. I was able to go through Steelhorse1994 list and I see that they have sold a lot of the fake meteorites in May, so they are still at it. I went down his feed back list and was able to email up to

Fast shipping!! Thank you AAA??Buyer:
Member id 805rockminer ( Feedback Score Of 93)?? May-13-12 16:50??
NWA 4881 - LUNAR METEORITE - MOON ROCK - Achondrite - Great For The
Collector! (#200745673078)??US $17.00??

So if someone wants to take over and start emailing members below that on?their feed back page that would be great. Tomorrow I email where I left off unless people do this and let the list know where they left off. I think by doing this and the buyers all contacting eBay and Pay Pal will see what is happening.

Shawn Alan
IMCA 1633
eBay Store

meteorite-list] Final report on analysis of fake martian meteorites sold on
ebayinfo at moonmarsrocks.com info
at moonmarsrocks.com
Wed Jun 6 14:00:14 EDT 2012
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As was previously reported in this forum last month, ebay
steelhorse1994 was dumping fake moon and mars rock displays on
unsuspecting buyers through ebay listings for over a year. My
involvement started a few months ago when I recognized the displays were
suspect and made it my mission to uncover the fraud. I obtained one of
these displays and solicited the assistance of Dr. Randy Korotev at
Washington University to analyze it with neutron activation. His initial
report to me last month indicated that it was NOT a rock from space and
was indeed terrestrial. I immediately contacted eBay. Two days later,
the fraud was no longer selling his fakes on eBay. There is still the
occasional ebay seller "reselling" some of these fakes, an unfortunate
repercussion of over 1000 bogus items dumped on eBay.

Be on the
lookout. The clear tell for ALL of his fakes is to observe the
display side image. It will say in big letters: "American
Collectors Society", which of course is nonexistent,
Guaranteed". NOT.

I followed up with eBay and inquired if they were
planning to contact
all the buyers who bought the fraudulent material. Their
response was:
"Oh no, they would have to contact us, and within 45 days of
purchase". Are you kidding me? How self-serving is that!

I have
just received the final data analysis from Dr. Korotev regarding
the display
that I sent him and have reproduced his conclusions below.
If anyone is
interested in seeing the hard data (1 page, primarily
regarding the REE),
drop me a note, and I will forward it to you.

Best regards,

Daniel Noyes


Dear Mr. Noyes:

Here are the final INAA data on your fake
martian meteorite.

There appear to be no published data for NWA 4925,
but according to my
colleague Tony Irving, NWA 4925 is a "depleted, permafic
shergottite," of which there are several, including SaU 005 and the
martian fall Tissint. Your rock is nothing like any of them. It's got
the geochemical signatures of a terrestrial rock - high alkalis, low Cr,
granite-like REE pattern.

Randy L. Korotev phone: (314) 935-5637
Research Professor fax: (314)
Washington University in Saint Louis korotev at
Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences http://epsc.wustl.edu/

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Paul Swartz

>Cosmologist Neal de Grasse Tyson and
others on the origins of man...musically.





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I agree with Adam 100%, and my comment to the article says as much.

I really wish writers would stick to subjects they actually know
something about. This article is nothing more than slander.

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