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Hi Kevin and List,

I'm glad you enjoyed the article. Burnham was a complex man who, IMO,
was treated unfairly by a system that he had little influence with.
I'm not blaming anyone for how Burnham lived his final years, and I
have nothing but respect for Lowell, but things could have been
handled differently - Burnham deserved better.

The Celestial Handbooks are a lasting legacy that have withstood the
test of time. They are not just a valuable reference for amateur
astronomers - they are a poetic story of a love affair between a man
and the cosmos. Wherever Burnham is now, I hope there will always be
starlight on his path.

For those Listers who have never read Burnham's self-interview, please
take the time to do so. You will learn a few things about the man and
the world we live in.

And a different note, now that I know an opium agent is responsible
for the preliminary identification of Shergotty as a meteorite, my
curiosity is getting the best of me. I can't wait to read that story.

Best regards and clear skies,

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On 6/12/12, Kevin Kichinka <marsrox at gmail.com> wrote:
> Team Meteorite:
> It's a chilly, damp night here in south Central America. The rain is
> pounding on my tin roof making for a happy rain forest.
> Subscribers to 'Meteorite', and I hope that is everyone reading this,
> may have already read part one in the May issue of my feature 'The
> Rise of the Raj and the Fall of Shergotty'. It's the first-ever
> published account of that 1865 fall. I'm honored to have been chosen
> for the assignment.
> Well, time is of the essence for me to complete the conclusion of the
> feature for the Aug issue (don't worry Derek) and tonight I'm working
> on 'Mr. Peppe's' bio. Subscriber's know that he was a British Gov't
> employee in India working as a sub-opium agent.
> Just as it was about to be discarded, Peppe ID'd Shergotty as a meteorite.
> Then he went back to work the opium fields.
> I find that interesting :>)
> Oh, there's a lot more to this most excellent story but you'll have to
> purchase the next issue to find out. Call now to subscribe, operators
> are standing by.
> But as crucial as this article is- I'll be burning the midnight oil
> tonight sorting through google-scanned 19th century docs on Indian
> farming practices- I'm momentarily diverted by a treasure gifted to me
> by M-Lister Michael Gilmer.
> Backstory - I offered here for sale this weekend the three-volume
> "Burnham's Celestial Handbook". Lazy me, never read it. Michael wrote
> me and shared his enthusiasm for the author. Copied me on a link from
> the 'Village Voice'. It's an interview with the author.
> I had no idea of the plus genius of Robert Burnham, perhaps you don't
> either.
> I wouldn't dream of wasting your time.
> I invite one and all to pull up a beer, slip on some comfortable
> Coltrane, and settle in for a sublime hour of logic and common sense
> on matters of the heart, mind and soul set somewhere in the
> multiverse. You'll LOL, you'll nod your head in agreement. Your brain
> will visit places it hadn't gone before. Not off-topic, pallasites are
> in play.
> http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/06/robert_burnham_j.php
> Kevin Kichinka
> Santa Ana, Costa Rica
> www.theartofcollectingmeteorites.com
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