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(June 12, 2012)

Dear meteorite friends,

Here you will find some latest info regarding the 2012 show that
starts in less than 3 days.


? Alain Carion will briefly describe in his ~30 min. lecture some of
the most important meteorites falls in history, from Abylos to
Draveil. The definite title of his talk is
?From the Greek Ampholos to the Draveil meteorite fall?

? Regarding the display of Draveil, 2 different samples will be shown
in separate windows, with explanation panels.

One will contain the ~125 g mass found by Pierre-Marie Pel? and Albert
Jambon, independently from the stone that struck the house of Mrs
Martine Comette (who will also attend the show).

The other window will display one of the most aesthetic Draveil
individuals from the NH museum in Paris, a mass of 1.97 kg.
So far, Paris owns 3 stones, weighing 1.97, 0.087 and 0.081 kg, plus a
fourth stone of about 5 kg (main mass) that is not officialized yet
(as per June 2).
This corrects the descriptive ? in the flyer that suggested that the
main mass was the 125 g stone owned by Pel?/Jambon.

? Rumors suggest that possibly Draveil pieces or fragments could be
available for sale during the Ensisheim and/or Ste Marie shows.
If this is true, we, organizers wish to solemnly recall that, to date,
not any single stone or fragment of Draveil is available for sale

In case ?Draveil? pieces are offered for sale at some tables in
Ensisheim, they must be formally and duly authenticated by scientists
and referenced on the basis of data available from the Meteoritical

In short, frauds are always possible, namely it is suspected that some
NWA samples (or alike) could be presented for sale as Draveil.
In case of doubt, please refer to the organizing and or expertized
scientific committee present at the show.


The traditional Friday Dinner Party starts at 20:00 on the main
square, inside the large tent, thus almost in the open air.

The WEATHER FORECAST seems favorable for an outside dinner.
Today, on Tuesday June 12, the official forecast is as follows:

Thursday: 24?C, cloudy, dry
Friday: 27?C, possible local scattered thunderstorms on evening.
Saturday: 27?C, sunny, scattered thunderstorms possible
Sunday: 29?C, sunny
The week after: from 25 to 28?C, slightly stormy, cloudy, partly
sunny, 15% chances of rain.

3 meals (appetizer + main dish + dessert (cook?s surprise) available,
on request and reservation (flexible). All is selectively prepared by
the owner of the nearby restaurant "Le Boeuf Rouge".

The main dish is vegetarian, or poultry (thinned chicken), or thinned
PORK in white sauce (NOT BEEF !) .

This year indeed, the ?chef? wished to replace the traditional beef by
the above ?pork special?.

Those who reserved beef are free to change the menu.
Please notify me ASAP!


The Saturday dinner (not official but strongly recommended to all
participants) can either take part on the main "dancing" square, or
?anywhere else?.

For those who wish to go to the nearby restaurant "Le Boeuf Rouge"
located on the other side of the church, please tell me ASAP.
Today, we learned that because many festivities are scheduled in the
Ensisheim city and around, the restaurant could be crowded, so it is
strongly suggested to reserve.

EXIBITION/ACTIVITIES related to the show theme

1) Thematic display (METEORITES IN HISTORY)

The traditional meteorite display will not take place in the main
Regency museum room but within the adjacent miner?s museum (door left
after the main entrance). The main room will contain authentic
Neolithic objects, various tools and memorabilia that must rest there
for 3 months.
The genuine Ensisheim meteorite (53.831 kg) will also enlighten the
miner?s museum room.

As said above, 2 special windows will contain the 2 pieces of DRAVEIL,
along with detailed explanation panels.
Dr Alain Carion, Prof Albert Jambon, M. Pierre-Merie Pel?, and Mme M.
Comette will be around for comments.

2) Display of samples donated to the Guardian?s Confraternity

This specific window will not be set up this year, basically for lack
of samples.

The few meteorite samples that have been generously donated to the
Regency museum by some of the past and also ?freshly? enthroned
visitors, are still awaiting for some more ?colleagues? that are
planned to be donated since some time, so as to complete a decent

Last year, a call from the Ensisheim Guardians to people who wish to
express their gratitude for being enthroned to leave some symbolic (or
valuable) gift (preferably a meteorite), still holds.

By being enthroned, the confraternity of Guardians leaves as a trace,
a nominative diploma certifying the official nomination as ?Brother
Guardian?, along with a symbolic plate (plaque) as a permanent
honorary memory.

It is back-expected that the concerned ?brothers? leave as their own
trace of gratitude, some object (meteorite
.) that will receive its
definite display label and donation mention, in this special window.

This materialized tradition is to be considered as the reciprocal
mutual and permanent appreciation between the two parties and the
official belonging of the brothers to the Ensisheim Confraternity of
the Ensisheim meteorite Guardians.

MAIN ROAD (Ensisheim ?downtown?) CLOSED!

Works on the main road leading to the Regency palace are closed.
Please follow the orange road signs ?deviation? (= diversion/detour).

Practically, at the barrier, turn right then take the second small
street left and you are next to the church

DEALERS/EXHIBITORS present in the 2012 show (random order, by table N?):
(List set on June 12, 2012)

Naame (country) Table N?

BLACK Anne (US) 1
GIRARD Florence & Olivier (F) 1
HABIBI Aziz (MC) 2
EGER Uwe & Ewa (D) 4
THOMAS Philippe, DEJOUY L?a (F) 5
JAWORSKI Laurent, BILLARD Jean-Luc (F) 6,7
KUNTZ Fabien & GERBET Marie (F) 8
CIMALA Marcin (PL) 9
CARION Alain (F) 10
DEHNER Thomas (D) 11
BILET Morten & BARBO Osmo (N) 12
PACER Gregor (D/PL) 13,14
MENSING J?rgen & Cornelia (D) 15
KN?FEL Andr? (D) 16
GOETTLICH David (D) 16
RUSCHINZIK Bernd & Carola (D) 19
RALEW Stefan & Lana (D) 20
HMANI Ali & Mohamed (MC) 21,22,23
KARL Moritz & KUCZERA Kim (D) 24
FARMER Michael (US) 25,26,
HUP? Greg (US) 25,26
KOSER Hans (UY) 27,28
PANI Ahmed (Egy) 29
PELE Pierre-Marie & LEJEUNE Vincent (F) 30
STRUFE Hanno (D) 31,33
MARMET Peter & JOST Marc (CH) 34,35
VASILIEV Sergey & Lana (RU/CZ) 37
BARAKSHIN Andrei, Marina, Ignaz (RU) 39
KALACHEV Viacheslav (RU) 38 to 40
PUSTOV Yury (RU) 41
TOMELLERI Giorgio & Lina (I) 42
ISMAILY Sidi Mohamed (MC) 43,44,45
BECKER M. (D) 46
HAIDERER Erich & Sylvia (A) 49,50,51,52
BISEY (F) (book shop) 53,54

A few more last minute reservations are expected.

Sigfried HABERER and Mirko GRAUL had to cancel their tables this year.
They will be again with us in 2013.
Consignement rom: active participants :

VALANGE Sabine (B/F)
GABELICA Zelimir (B/F)
WARIN Marie-Paule (B)
STEHLIK Harald (A)
LIU Yezhou (CN)
JACQUES Beno?t (B),



Ensisheim-2012, the 13th such ?blast" in a row, is now waiting for
your coming.
In less than 3 days we will all gather again and have lots of passion
and funny/friendly live moments.

An event nobody would miss or, if so, eternal regrets guaranteed!

Happy hunting and with my very best wishes,


Prof. Zelimir Gabelica
Universit? de Haute Alsace
3, Rue A. Werner,
F-68093 Mulhouse Cedex, France
Tel: +33 (0)3 89 33 68 94
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