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Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2012 05:15:21 +0000
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Hello List,

I have an opportunity to do an institutional trade and possibly get some Fayetteville Arkansas H4 in exchange.?

Here is my challenge: what is a fair value on this material?

Here is the info on it, 2.36 kg was recovered from a witnessed fall on December 26, 1934 (2 stones I think).?? Very little has ever made it into private collections, and little has made it to very many institutional collections as well.? And yet while it has a humble "H4" classification, it is a regolith breccia and there has been a stack load of research done on this rock.

While we hear the term "regolith breccia" used with howardites and Lunars a lot, I am not sure how many ordinary chondrites get this honor of being from the very surface of an asteriod's crust?? Maybe Bernd can help with the exhaustive list.?

In any case, this is no ordinary ordinary chondrite, but just how extraordinary is it?? And how would some guess the market would value such a rock??

My fear is in both either over valuing it or in under valuing it. I want to be fair in the trade.

In any case, we are only talking about a few grams here, so I am not looking at the need to liquidating kilos of the stuff if I should be fortunate enough to get some.Any input is greatly appreciated.

Steve Arnold
Of Meteorite Men
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