[meteorite-list] Ontario Meteor over 200 reports or Re: Upper Mid-Eastern USA Fireball June 14, 2012

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This event occurred on June 14 at 9:51:30 PM EDT (June 15 01:51:30 UTC), lasted approximately 10 seconds, and was widely seen across the northern United States and southern Canada. Analyses of 5 all sky videos from the Southern Ontario Meteor Network were performed by NASA Meteoroid Environment Office and Western University's Meteor Physics Group, yielding the following trajectory:

Start point: 79.573 W, 44.552 N at an altitude of 101.4 km
Last detection: 82.317 W, 46.142 N at an altitude of 61.5 km
Average speed: 28.3 +/- 0.5 km/s

Radiant coordinates of RA 265.2, Dec -19.9 are within the anti-helion sporadic source. The meteor was moving too fast and was too high to produce meteorites on the ground. Orbit shows no resemblance to that of 2012 LZ1, which made a close approach to Earth on June 14.

London, Ontario composite and video:

Collingwood, Ontario composite and video:


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