[meteorite-list] Sutter's Mill Update (Big 205g stone?)

From: Dave Johnson <chairliftguy_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2012 07:49:45 -0700
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Thanks for the update. I am suspicious about a 205g stone.
I've taken a couple of weeks off hunting due to obligations and oppressive heat, but hope to get back soon.
David Johnson

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On Jun 20, 2012, at 7:32 AM, Michael Gilmer <meteoritemike at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> It's been a while since the last Sutter's Mill update, so let's take a
> look at where things stand as of this writing.
> The official page (http://asima.seti.org/sm/) has not been updated
> recently, but you may notice there are several SM numbers that are not
> listed - these are finds that have been reported, but lack coordinates
> or verification. Dr. Jenniskens probably has his hands full, so I
> expect we will see an update eventually when his schedule allows.
> In the meantime, I have been fielding reports and keeping the
> unofficial page updated.
> The unofficial TKW now stands at - 560.76 grams.
> The largest verified find is still Robert Ward's 42.4g specimen.
> The total number of finds is - 68.
> Some of you may have heard about the big 205g stone which was
> reportedly found in mid-May and has not been officially reported.
> This stone has been shopped around via email, and there are some
> photos of the stone out there floating around. The photos make the
> specimen look like a legit find, but of course there is no way to tell
> by using photos alone.
> My question is, has any qualified person on this List seen this stone
> in person? Can anyone reading this verify that the find is legit? I
> find it hard to believe that a find like this (if it is real) has been
> known since mid-May and nobody has seen it first-hand to confirm or
> deny it. Surely someone with experience must have seen it by now?
> Please reply or contact me off-list if you have any hard info on this
> stone.
> Unofficial Sutter's Mill page - http://www.galactic-stone.com/pages/lotus
> To those still hunting - good luck!
> Best regards,
> MikeG
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