[meteorite-list] stability of morasko iron

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What the heck: "All metoerites are more stable than we are." Considering
the fickle nature of the human condition, this is probably true, even down
to the Tagish-level....

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> Good evening list. It has been a while,but Im still around. Hey of all
> the well known iron meteorites out there,like
> sikhote-alin,campo,mundrabilla,henbury etc. How stable is the morasko
> iron? I have never owned one and I am seeing them more available. I
> need to know before one comes to chicago. Any help will be
> appreciated. Also today I went for my 6 month skin cancer check-up and
> I am good for another 6 months. Good feeling to have with the weekend
> coming. All I need is a job. Have a great eveing all.
> --
> Steve R. Anold, chicago, ill.
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