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Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 18:11:20 -0700
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Thanks Stuart.
I've been thinking I ought to get an all sky cam hooked up. I believe I'm in
a coverage gap.
I should probably finish moving though first. ;^)

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> Wow, Linton that is a cool story!! I can't help myself now, every time I
> am outside at night looking up just incase something streaks by.
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> Hello everyone.
> I just wanted to share an exciting pre-dawn sighting from a few days ago.
> I awoke early Saturday morning at our new home in southern Utah, to say
> goodbye to my visiting brother. I stepped out onto the balcony and looked
> up
> to see the Milky Way arching high overhead. The rosy glow of dawn was
> creeping up over the red rock cliffs to the east and I spotted Jupiter a
> few
> degrees above the horizon, with the Pleiades just above that. Not a bad
> way
> to start the day. But then, just as my wife came out to look...
> I turned to the north just in time to catch a brilliant fireball. It was
> traveling roughly SW to NE, making a line from about Vega or northern
> Hercules to the handle of the Big Dipper. It spanned about 20 degrees of
> sky
> and was very bright white - several times brighter than Venus - leaving a
> brief ion trail behind before turning orange and beginning to fragment. It
> either burned up completely at that point, or broke apart as it continued
> in
> dark flight. If anything reached the ground, I'd estimate it to be in the
> San Rafael Swell area.
> While oohing and ahhing over all that, I turned back to the east just a
> moment later just as Venus began to rise over the cliffs of Capitol Reef.
> It
> was orange, like a rising full moon, and grew larger as it continued
> coming
> into view. I watched it detach from the cliff and begin to rise, first in
> arc-minutes and then degrees, brightening all the while. I finally went
> inside to make sure my brother was up and tell him what I'd just seen.
> What
> an amazing morning. I'll remember it always.
> Linton
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