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Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2012 11:25:21 -0700
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Hello list members & Antarctic Meteorite Collectors,

Now, after many years of collecting Antarctic related material I have finally acquired the "Proceedings Of The Third Symposium On Antarctic Meteorites" (in excellent condition) which completes my set of Blue Books. To my knowledge, this is the first time since I have been collecting that this particular illusive book is not only being made available but being made available within a complete set of Blue Books. Mike Bandli please correct me if I am mistaken. Anyway, now that I have finally completed this set along with the two other sets of NIPR Antarctic Meteorite books, it is time to move on to other projects so I am making these three sets and a few other works available for sale. Here are the specifics:

1) All 4 NIPR Red Books and furthermore all 4 are in "Excellent Condition"
- Photographic Catalog Of The Selected Antarctic Meteorites, 1981 (Ultra Rare)
- Photographic Catalog Of The Antarctic Meteorites, 1987 (Extremely Rare)
- Catalog Of The Antarctic Meteorites, 1995 (Very Rare)
- Catalog Of Yamato Meteorites, 1979 (Very Rare)

2) All 11 NIPR Blue Books (The Third Symposium Book Is Virtually Nonexistent)

3) All 19 NIPR Softcover Series Red & White Books

Here are the other Antarctic Meteorite Works:

4) A rare NIPR Antarctic Meteorite Distribution Map (Very Cool and looks great when put in a frame)

5) A rare Chinese Antarctic Meteorite Book - "Catalogue And Atlas Of Antarctic Meteorites", 2008 (AMAZING BOOK & Brand New Hardcover, still in its plastic wrap)

6) A rare 1920's Antarctic Meteorite Publication titled "The Adelie Land Meteorite"

7) Four Smithsonian Series Publications on Antarctic Meteorites
- Catalog Of Antarctic Meteorites, 1977-1978 (Number 23)
- Field And Laboratory Investigations Of Meteorites From Victoria Land, Antarctica (Number 26)
- Field And Laboratory Investigations Of Meteorites From Victoria Land And The Thiel Mountains Region, Antarctica, 1982-1983 And 1983-1984 (Number 28)
- Field And Laboratory Investigations Of Antarctic Meteorites Collected By United States Expeditions, 1985-1987 (Number 30)
8) One Lunar & Planetary Institute Publication on Antarctic Meteorites
- Antarctic Meteorite Location And Mapping Project

9) A rare Antarctic Meteorite Postal Cover

10) Five NIPR Individual Reports
- Varieties Of Lunar Meteorites Recovered From Antarctica, March 1991
- Yamato-74063: Chondritic Meteorite Classified Between E And H Chondrite Groups, March 1991
- Yamato-791197: A Lunar Meteorite In The Japanese Collection Of Antarctic Meteorites, December 1984
- A Review Of The Yamato-74 Meteorite Collection, December 1983
- Characterization Of The 1980-81 Victoria Land Meteorite Collections, December 1982

This collection and especially the 3 sets of NIPR Books required many years of leg work and here you get it all in one lot. Total price for the lot is $6500.00 plus shipping to your location.

Serious inquiries only, please. I do not have a website so if you are seriously interested, please contact me by email (off list) and I will email you pictures.

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