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NWA 6871 had a rather large diamond (for a meteorite) extracted from it after causing a lot of trouble during the cutting process. It was without a doubt the hardest meteorite I or several others have come across. Dr. David Vann did the cutting and Im sure he could go into more details of the process which was not very easy. It tore through blades left and right.?
I have not seen much online about diamonds found in meteorites that were able to be held in your hand, much less seen with the naked eye like the one we pulled out of it. Its going to be studied later in July which should hopefully provide some more details about it and perhaps help science to better understand the process of formation of it and maybe a few other things will come from the research.

Here are a few photos for everyone to enjoy of this exciting find - I am calling it "The Gump Diamond" because meteorites are like a box of chocolates... you never know what your gonna get.

Showing scale and size


Close ups


Here is more detailed information on NWA 6871 that is already available.


Physical characteristics: A single
extremely hard, brown stone weighing 119 g and almost impossible to cut. Small adamantine crystals of diamond were extracted from the stone by
Mr. Catterton.
Petrography: Coarse-grained
aggregate of olivine and orthopyroxene with finer grained interstitial
regions containing opaque material, calcite and limonite. Some thin
calcite veinlets cross-cut the specimen. Both olivine and pyroxene are
completely recrystallized to aggregates of myriad tiny, polygonal
Geochemistry: Olivine cores Fa19.4-20.0 (CaO=0.3 wt.%, Cr2O3=0.7 wt.%), rims Fa10.5; orthopyroxene Fs12.6-13.7Wo3.7-3.4.
Classification: Achondrite
(ureilite). The very high shock experienced by this specimen (causing
complete recrystallization of silicates and evidently generation of
significant amounts of microdiamond) is unusual among ureilites.
Specimens: A total of 20 g of material is on deposit at App and one polished thin section is at UWS. Mr. G. Catterton holds the main mass.

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Hello list,
The implications of these findings are, to say the least, staggering.
has this been confirmed in other Ureilite meteorites? Such as Novo Urie,

or others?
For years, diamonds were the standard of hardness, and now that's
all out the window!!!!

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> Meteorite yields carbon crystals harder than diamond
> (PhysOrg.com) -- Two new types of ultra-hard carbon crystals have been
> found by researchers investigating the ureilite class Haver?
> meteorite that crashed to Earth in Finland in 1971. Ureilite
> meteorites are carbon-rich and known to contain graphite and diamonds.
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