[meteorite-list] NASA SETI Misappropriation of Tax Payer Funds

From: Adam Hupe <raremeteorites_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2012 14:55:27 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi MikeG and List Members

I refuse to get into politics or accounting too deeply here on the List unless it concerns meteorites in some way. My point is that the last four years have been the worst I have ever experienced from a financial standpoint and the low profits from meteorite sales are nearly wiped out due to heavy taxes and eBay/PayPal fees.

Most of my friends have lost their homes and the cost of everything else has nearly doubled due to the price of gas and huge tax increases on the middle class.? Last year was the first time I had to 1099 friends for mere few hundred dollars because they were trying earn a few bucks to hang onto their homes which they lost anyway.? Collectable sales are way down from four years ago because they are not an absolute necessity.

The good news is that there are a lot less people smoking cigarettes because they cannot afford them any more.? Three of my friends quit a few years ago.? Hurray for them!

On this point, I will not be restocking U.S. meteorite finds because there is absolutely no margin left and the U.S. government is watching eBay for them.? I have already been hassled over Gold Basin. ? Once they are gone, somebody else can risk supplying the market with them.? It seems the U.S. market is going underground as predicted anyway due to mass hype in the media and unnecessary new governmental restrictions.

? ? ?

Happy Collecting, it is definitely a buyers market,


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Hi Adam and List,

It's always the poor and middle class that get hit the hardest.? The
super-rich have excellent accountants and financial advisors, and they
take advantage of loopholes and grey areas that the average person is
not aware of.

Adam, are you taking full advantage of your allowed deductions?? For
example, if you have an area in your home that dedicated to your
business, you can deduct tax burden based on the square footage of the
home office.? They actually assign a dollar value to each square foot
of your office, so take advantage of that.

The computer you are reading this on - deductible as a business
expense.? Also, if you computer is used for internet-based commerce,
you can also deduct a portion of your internet provider fees.

You can also shelter some of your profits by putting it into a trust
for a grandchild or relative.

Going to Walmart to buy packing materials?? Not only can you write off
the materials you buy, you can write off the gas you spent to drive

Do you conduct business with dealers or collectors via telephone?? If
so, you can write off the phone bill as a business expense.

If you don't already have one, get yourself a really good accountant
who knows all of the loopholes and will help you take advantage of

Or, as a last resort measure, do what the ultra-wealthy do : transfer
some of your cash to an offshore or foreign bank.? Or, stick a giant
wad of cash into a safety deposit box and let it sit there - it won't
gather interest, but it will be invisible for tax purposes.

People talk about how high the tax rates are for businesses and
corporations, but very few of the big companies pay anything close to
the tax rate.? The General Electric company recently got a REFUND and
the last couple of years, their tax burden has been well under 10%.
Try finding a company that pays the full tax rate - it's difficult to
do, although many mom and pop small businesses have to pay.? But
generally speaking, the bigger the company, the bigger the money
involved, the more they manipulate their finances to dodge their tax
burden.? Go down the list of Fortune 500 companies, and I would wager
that only a small handful of them pay more than a 20% rate.? Some of
them pay nothing or next to nothing.

The little guys have to pay so much, in part, because the big guys
aren't paying their share -

Read that linked article and you'll see what I mean.

Back to meteorites - yes, the blimp/airship/whatever is a total waste
of money.? What is next?? Are we going to bring Gary Powers back from
the dead and have him fly a U2 over strewnfields?? It's downright
silly.? Sure, you might be able to see a large impact crater from an
airship, but it would have to be really BIG and such a feature could
be easily spotted on the ground.? I'll change my name to Nancyboy
Fancypants if a single meteorite is found by using a blimp.

I am generally very supportive of NASA and SETI.? But this blimp
nonsense seems like an attempt to garner media attention and not a
method to find meteorites.

Best regards and happy huntings,


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On 11/2/12, Adam Hupe <raremeteorites at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Yes, our tax burden is at record levels. 28% collectable capitol gains plus
> 15% FICA plus multiple fees(taxes) attached to nearly everything including
> the water we drink; What an outrage!? Remember this when you bid on
> meteorites on
> eBay. Since they are collectables like gold, silver and platinum, the
> seller is being taxed at the highest possible capital gains tax rate
> which is expected to go up depending on who is elected.
> Who says the middle class isn't being squeezed harder than ever before?? To
> see our hard earned money wasted on frivolous pursuits like blimp rides
> under the name of science beyond ridiculous.
> Some of my thoughts as unlisted private home and cell phones are ringing off
> the hook incessantly with political robocalls trying to get my vote.
> Adam
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> Subject: [meteorite-list] NASA SETI Misappropriation of Tax Payer Funds
> To All Concerned US Tax Payers...
> I have been troubled by what is a clear misappropriation of US tax payer
> funds by NASA/SETI. At a time of this country's financial crisis, this is no
> time to squander our tax dollars!!
> We have all seen and read about 'The Blimp" that was, as stated in the
> article link below, "... a NASA-hired airship." Not only are they using a
> privately owned "Blimp" for frivolous and far-fetched 'research', but they
> are also giving free joy rides to private citizens as stated from the
> article, "Glenn Rivera [a private citizen] was invited by astronomers
> [NASA/SETI] to hunt for more meteorite crash-landing sites from a NASA-hired
> airship."
> In recent conversations, I and many of my colleagues and some NASA
> scientists (who wish to remain anonymous), have all concluded that finding
> meteorites [of any size] is completely impossible and a waste of tax payer
> dollars! How can one think you can spot a black rock the size of a dime, a
> golf ball or even a basketball from an altitude of 1000 feet?
> The only entity that benefits from these dream hunts is the private company
> who owns "The Blimp". They get paid by NASA for use of "The Blimp" and they
> also benefit from all of the free advertising with their logos and web
> addresses emblazoned on the sides of "The Blimp"!
> As far as I am concerned, hunting for meteorites floating in the sky is full
> of hot air!
> Here is the link the the article I reference:
> http://novato.patch.com/articles/hunt-goes-on-for-more-meteorites#photo-12000260
> Best Regards,
> Greg
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