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The words "rogue", "eBay" and "rob" are pretty harsh.? Somebody had to have influenced Rivera to make these comments. By making these comments, he is interfering with peoples business to sell finds made on private property. It seems that media-chasers after 15 minutes of fame are costing the rest of us dearly.? I think Rivera owes the collecting community an apology for his idiotic statements.

I am still not clear if the blimp rides were paid with public funds.? I saw a $500,000.00 plus custom FEMA motor-coach on the news pull up to the poor freezing souls who lost their homes due to Sandy.? It showed up after 5 days bearing little immediate help.? I am sure it made taxpayers feel good seeing these wasted public funds when FEMA could operate out of a tent like our soldiers are forced to do.

On a positive note, the Red Cross is doing an awesome job!

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"Rivera said he took an oath not to tell? what they saw for fear that
rogue meteorite hunters ? eager to sell galactic? collectibles on eBay
? might pounce on new potential meteorite locations and? rob scientists'
ability to research more rocks."

Maybe I'm? missing something here, but from sitting on the side, I've
gotten the impression? that its standard practice for various meteorite hunters
to hide their hot spots? from each other until the "cat is pretty much out of
the bag."? I think it? was on the first episode of Meteorite Men they
talked about keeping the location? of Pallasite finds secret. I also think on
another episode, a hunting site in? Nevada was also suppose to been kept
secret. On occasions I've read on this list? where individual hunters or various
groups would hint at not mentioning where? they are etc. while searching for
a new strewnfield. I honestly don't think? Jenniskens is doing anything
different for his interests, than what the rest of? the meteorite hunting world
is doing for themselves or group.
George Zay?


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