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Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2012 09:38:56 -0500
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Hi Nick,

Glad to see you back. :)

That is great news about the meteorite course. And maybe if you can
train enough eyes to go out into the field and stomp around, we might
get a new find or two out of North Carolina. The terrain is a lot
trickier for meteorite hunting in the Carolinas (compared to desert
lake beds, icefields, etc), so the task calls for dozens (or
hundreds!) of eager young grad students tromping around every square
inch of NC until one of their sharp eyes makes a find. Or, a fireball
will be accurately tracked over NC and Duke can field a trained team
of eyes/boots to respond quickly to the projected strewnfield.

With the clever use of Doppler radars, and the improvement bolide
tracking that comes with that, every state should have at least one
"meteorite recovery team" from a qualified institution or museum -
ready to respond to meteorite falls in the surrounding or adjacent
geographic area. Think Prarie Meteorite Network, except nationwide
and much improved. By networking amateur all-sky cameras, doppler
radars, and other public/private resources, the goal of having an
organized (and large-scale) tracking/recovery network can be achieved
now - we can see this capability emerging now with entities like
Galactic Analytics. The Met-List and other mailing lists do their
part to provide a watering hole for quick exchange of information as
the parameters of the fall develop during a recovery.

I don't have any NC meteorites, but you might want to check with the
dealers/collectors who are still known to deal in old or obscure
meteorites and falls. Contact me off-list and I can point you to a
few who might have some NC meteorites available.

Best of luck on the new meteorite course - I hope it is an
overwhelming success. :)


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On 11/4/12, Nicholas Gessler, Ph.D. <nick.gessler at duke.edu> wrote:
> Hello All,
> It's been a while since I've visited the Meteorite List.
> I'm glad to see it's going strong...
> I will be offering a course in Meteorites here at Duke in January.
> I've wanted to do this for a while and now it's on the books!
> If anyone can help me acquire some samples of any of the 29 meteorites
> from NC, please let me know.  I'd like to have some on hand to show to
> my students.
> It's been close to 80 years since anyone has come across a meteorite
> in North Carolina.  If we are lucky, we can update the listings for that
> state.
> Thanks,
> Nick
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