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From: Moni Waiblinger <moni2555_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2012 01:36:01 -0800
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HI List,

I must agree with Greg (and many other meteorite hunters that I know) of how fulfilling it is to give to science!

I've been asked many times why I gave the Sutter's Mill meteorite that I found to science.
The answer, of course, is that I knew the De Haas family are actually the owners and that they wanted to donate anything found to science.
I knew well in advance that I was not going to get to keep it.
I still went along with the group and searched for the meteorite for science.
(Of course, that's when I make my only Sutter's Mill find;-)

My find of Sutter's Mill (SM12 - 17grams) went to many places, see the consortium chapter below.

My point is, this donation to science was only possible because of land owners and private meteorite hunters working together!

Happy hunting, Moni

The following research teams (team lead given) are participating in a consortium
 established to coordinate the analysis of Sutter's Mill meteorite
samples. Please contact if you like to join this effort with unique
ability (POC) :

P. Jenniskens SETI/NASA ARC Meteorite recovery #2,12

T. Hiroi Brown U. Reflection spectroscopy #30,12

G. Cooper NASA ARC Organic volatiles #2,12

S. Pizzarello ASU Isotope organics #2,12,41

D. Glavin NASA/Goddard Amino acids #2,12,51

P. Schmitt-K. H.-Z., Germany mass spectroscopy #2,12

D. Sears NASA ARC Thermoluminescence #2,12
M. Grady NHM Petrography/UVVIS spectroscopy #2,12,30

A. Rubin UCLA Petrography #2,12

K. Ziegler U of NewMexico O isotopes #2,12

S.V.S. Murty PRL, India N/Ar isotopes #2,12

P. Rochette Aix-M.,France Paleomagnetism #12

G. Flynn SUNY Plattsburgh XANES #12

H. Yabuta Osaka U., Japan IOM isotopes #12

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