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Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2012 19:21:37 -0500
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Hello Brandon and Imactitees,'

Very nice material! I think you are offering your prepared material at a
'More Than Favorable' price!!!!

Best Regards,

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Hello Everyone,

I have just posted on eBay some amazing slices and endcuts from the
Kentland and Glover Bluff craters and even if not in the market, very
much worth checking out.

There are several different varities of Kentand Impactites to include
awesome melt slices with abundunt metal inclusions. The meal-rich melt
pieces strongly resemble Sudbury melt and feature clast floating in
flowing rivers of melt. It is in those clast that there are several
flakes of nickel positive metal. There is also a fossiiferous-type melt
rock which shows a melted matrix with twisted fossils and even
Pseudotachylite veins!!

The Glover Bluff material is one of the most beautiful impactites I
have ever seen and the pictures speak for themselves. There are bands
of colorful seemingly flowing sandstone with semi-opaque quartzite
clast of all sizes and shapes. These are the largest and nicest slices
available for sale so dont miss an opportunity to add them to your

Kentland Impact Material:

145.3g Impact Melt:

275.6g Impact Melt:

311.2g Fossiliferous Melt:

220.8g Impact Breccia:

Glover Bluff Impact Breccia:

152.2g Endcut:

260.7g Slice:

**If you are looking for museum quality shatter cones from Kentland
crater, I have a large selection of complete, partial, and fragmented
lots of cones available in sizes from 50g-15+ lbs. Pictures and pricing
upon request.**

Thank you,

Brandon D.
IMCA# 9312

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