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I have spent time in Navoi, Uzbekistan,?and have a specimen of that (or very
similar) glass.? Mine came from a site near Daugistau.? There is an interesting
story that goes with it.? During the 1960s there was a rash of reported UFO
sightings in that region.? During that period, some children came to the leader
of the Daugistau geological expedition and said they had seen a strange aircraft
land in the desert.? Beings got out, collected some rocks, then took off.? The
geologist accompanied the children to the site and found an elliptical patch of
glass like yours about 50 or 60 meters in length.? At one end, the glass was up
to 15 cm thick and tapered to a ratty feather-edge at the other end.? Beyond
that were blobs and spatters of glass for some distance.? The investigating
scientists looked into the possibility of lightning strikes or military-related
explanations, but were never satisfied with any firm conclusion.? The material
compares directly with Trinitite A-bomb glass (but the site is too small).?
Fixed rocket-engine tests have produced similar glass in US test facilities.? It
is also very similar to Ediowie glass from central Australia (where a very
radical mirror-matter bolide impact with an annihilation-energy flash has been
suggested, but not widely accepted).

Is your glass from the Daugistau site?


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Hi all!
I found a glass rock in the desert of Uzbekistan. Similar to the volcanic
pumice, but we have no volcanoes. I ask all who are interested to see and
comment on the findings:

Thank you in advance for your answers!

(Paste this link into Google translator from Russian to English)

Yours faithfully.
Navoi ?ity.

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