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Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2012 19:14:56 -0700 (PDT)
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Hello All,

I've returned from Battle Mountain to bring Moni back home (she had to go back to work today) and to resupply for a return trip to Antler Peak and Trout Canyon.?
I want to take this time to thank all of the people that sent Moni and me "congratulatory" messages for finding BaM01 and for their kind words of encouragement and support.?

I also want to thank all of our fellow met-hunters who we met numerous times in the strewn-field as we crossed-paths. Everyone was very supportive and we all hunted in very complimentary manner. There was a lot of data sharing and there were no laws broken (by hunters) once everyone knew where the borders of the unmarked "1 sq. mi. mining exploration lease" were located.

In particular, I want to thank Marc Fries, Sonny Clary, and Robert Ward.
To Marc for pin-pointing where to go search. (this is a "happy client testimonial" for Marc's Galactic Analytics services;-)
To Sonny Clary who was always supportive and told me how to get to the area I wanted to hunt where I eventually made my find, and
To Robert Ward who worked hard (even outside the strewn-field after hours) to "acquire" the big stone, and who took time from his hunting to drive around and tell all the other hunters where the "off-limits" area was located. (At that same meeting he showed me the 954 gram stone and told me exactly where it was found - and at that moment Moni took a photo of Robert and me (I have a stunned-look) with him smiling and holding his recent acquisition.:-)

More photos will be included in my follow-up report, of course, but that link will have to be posted at a later time.

Good luck to all of the hunters currently out there and I sincerely wish you all even better luck than I was blessed.
Take care and safe travels,
Moni Waiblinger and Bob Verish

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> Subject: [meteorite-list] Battle Mountain Field report / strewn field conditions / etc.
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> Hi All,
> I have posted a few pictures of the strewnfield and a large
> chondrite on my website. A couple of the roads in the?
> area will be posted with No trespassing signs later this
> week. The reason is for mine safety regulations.The project
> supervisor was very nice and explained the biggest concern
> is safety. If anything was to happen on the mining clam, the
> site would be shut down.
> Thanks,
> Sonny
> http://www.nevadameteorites.com/nevadameteorites/Battle_Mt.html
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------ Appended text from Robert Ward's facebook post -------

Robert Ward's acquired MaB stone
Thursday, September 6, 2012 10:54 PM

I am happy to announce that I have acquired a 954 gram Battle Mountain Nevada Meteorite from the August 21st fall, This stone was wittnessed to hit the ground by the finder! I instructed the individual on what to look for with the aid of some Whetstone Mountains meteorite pictures, I suggested the stone he heard whistle overhead followed by a thud may be close, he recovered the stone within an hour that night [Sept 1st] with a flashlight! I have been hunting hard for many days now as well as many other seasoned hunters and only one other stone has been recovered, this will be a rare meteorite. The meteorite exhibits a plum to brown colored fusion crust on one side and the typical black fusion crust on the other, I have seen this multi-coloration in several other chondrite falls, most notably Berduc. This is trully one of the most beautiful wittnessed fall chondrites I have ever seen, it has flow lines radiating out from a central ridge running down the
 black crusted side, and this most unusual plum brown on the other. Many thanks to Marc Fries for all his hard work on the radar data that led to the recovery of Nevada's first wittnessed fall!

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