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Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2012 17:47:04 -0400
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Hi Bernd and List,

I agree. Old-school collectors have their reasons to resent the NWA
flood (some of those reasons are valid), but nobody can argue against
the fact that NWA meteorites have been a great boon to science and

I can understand the viewpoint of the old-school collectors who say
that NWA meteorites lack a "pedigree". But, this does not mean they
are not interesting. There are some great stories surrounding some of
the NWA find recoveries. Camel sweat, minefields, nomads, and more.
They have their own pedigrees, but one has to be closer to the source
to learn all the interesting details.

If I was one of those early, pre-NWA, collectors who had invested a
ton of money in "rare" types like howardite, I would be a bit
resentful of the NWA flood. Afterall, in a span of just a few years,
the definition of "rare" had to be re-written. Howardites were
suddenly not so rare. Calcalong Creek was just one of dozens of
lunars. And many dealer websites have a full menu of rare types that
will exhaust the checking account of most type collectors.

Sure, like any collector, I like a good witnessed fall. Given a
choice between a fall and a find, I'll always take the fall (assuming
all other things are equal). But that doesn't make the NWA's less
important or special. :)

Best regards,


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On 9/15/12, Bernd V. Pauli <bernd.pauli at paulinet.de> wrote:
> MikeG commented:
> "Some of the latecomers might have missed the peak of the
>  NWA Gold Rush, but it's still a great time to be a collector."
> Hello All,
> I was one of the "firstcomers" and instantly realized that this would
> really be(come) a unique bonanza. Several of my NWAs have early
> NWA numbers (< 100 including NWA 001 from the Hup?s!).
> This helped me build a collection of rare and unique types when certain
> collectors still looked a bit contemptuously down upon NWAs whining
> these Hot Desert meteorites didn't have a "pedigree" ... ?!?!
> Cheers,
> Bernd
> P.S.: 667 NWAs in my collection!
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