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Hi Frank and List,

>From the description in the article, the diamonds sound like carbonado
types. The De Beers cartel has nothing to worry about, because that
kind of diamond is not going to be in high demand on jewelry and
wedding rings. However, this could radically alter the industrial
diamond market.

I've owned some larger carbonados and examined them under
magnifications up to 1200x. They are very strange and unlike anything
I have ever seen. Looking at smaller broken pieces under the same
magnifications reveals an alien landscape of crevasses and jagged
crystalline peaks and valleys. I don't have a polarizing setup, so I
don't know what a thin section would look like.

2 questions :

Has anyone ever made a thin section from such diamonds?

And if so, can someone post a photo of the view in cross-polarized light?

For those who are interested, I have some nice carbonado fragments -

Best regards,


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On 9/17/12, Frank Cressy <fcressy at prodigy.net> wrote:
> Thought this might be of interest.
> Frank
> http://news.yahoo.com/russia-reveals-shiny-state-secret-awash-diamonds-131212873.html
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