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From: Derek Yoost <mineral_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2012 11:46:17 -0400
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Im sorry, I forgot to put "Ad" in the subject line.

Thanks, Derek.

Derek Yoost <mineral at optonline.net> wrote:

>We are proud to announce:
>Peekskill Meteorite Cast Kit
>Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Peekskill Meteorites arrival to Earth
>with this Limited Edition cast! Your collector's kit includes:
> 1) Meteorite cast finished by hand to mirror the original meteorite
>rendered in meticulous detail.
> 2) A full color numbered edition Certificate.
> 3) Standing, aluminum classification label.
> 4) If you want a specimen of the Peekskill meteorite, we can include that
>for $250 per gram.
> List of the Peekskill meteorite specimens available:
>(This piece has Fusion Crust) 1.14g
>On the night of October 9, 1992 at 7:50 PM a 27 pound stone ploughed through
>the trunk of Michele Knapp's 1980 Chevy Malibu that was parked in her
>driveway while the family watched TV. Hearing a horrendous noise just
>outside of their home, the Knapp family ran to the door to discover the
>damage to their car. It wasn't until the next day that they found the
>cosmic traveler partially buried in a shallow crater in the driveway under
>the car.
>So begins the legend of Peekskill Meteorite. To commemorate this historic,
>celestial event, the Peekskill stone has been newly re-cast and rendered by
>to match the original in meticulous detail. Now you too can celebrate this
>meteoric event by making this cast part of your collection.
>The Peekskill Meteorite cast is first cast in high quality HYDRO-STONE?, one
>of the hardest and strongest of all gypsum cements. This makes it more
>durable than other plaster castings. The weight of the cast is 11 pounds,
>about half of the original weight of the actual meteorite. It is then color
>matched with superior-grade paints, rendering the exterior of the meteorite,
>the Chevy Cinnabar Red, and the chrome of the cars bumper as it scraped by.
>This Limited Edition Collectors Kit has been produced with attention to
>detail and the quality that Collectors have come to expect. We are meteorite
>collectors for collectors. This will make a great addition to your
>collection for years to come.
>Here is a link to the Ebay auction:
>You can email me off list if you are interested. Thanks, Derek Yoost /
>Anthony Tomaselli
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