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From: Yinan Wang <veomega_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 13:17:37 -0400
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Hi List,

Disclaimer: I'm going to play the middle ground on this topic. I don't
go out and hunt meteorites so it doesn't affect me directly, but other
similar BLM rule changes have affected me in the past.

Here are the BLM new rules:

Here is their FAQ, including why they're doing this:

The following is my opinion, having seen similar things happen in
other collecting areas in the past decade:

-The new BLM rules are essentially a modification of similar rules
regarding petrified wood and paleontology. They took the weight limit,
non-selling/non-bartering concept from petrified wood collecting laws.
-They seem to base some of it on past issues with major meteorite
finds on BLM land.
-They are significantly less strict than some other laws, such as
fossil collecting (absolutely no vertebrate fossil collecting
-They give people the option of getting a commercial permit (not
allowed in paleontology at all).

If you want things changed, lobby someone! Most rule change occurs
because an interested party put the right amount of political pressure
on (or schmooze) the right people.

Write and talk to your elected representatives. Or better yet, a
society of meteorite collectors should start a fund to hire a lobbying
firm with clout.

- Yinan
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