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In ?New "Big Impact" Theory? at
Sterling K. Webb wrote:

?New "Big Impact" theory. In case you find the
references to a "new Ice Age" puzzling, I'll remind
you that it's the Ice Age that we in right now. Yes,
friends, we are in an Ice Age, at 5-7 C. below the
long-term norm.?


?Did a 'Forgotten' Meteor Have a Deadly, Icy Double-Punch??

This article refers to:

Goff, J., C. Chague-Goff, M. Archer, D. Dominey-Howes,
and C. Turney, 2012, The Eltanin asteroid impact:
possible South Pacific palaeomegatsunami footprint
and potential implications for the Pliocene-Pleistocene
transition. Journal of Quaternary Science. Article first
published online: 3 SEP 2012.

Related to this is an interesting paper published online
in Geology. It is:

Gao, C., J. H. McAndrews, X. Wang, J. Menzies, C. L. Turton,
B. D. Wood, J. Pei, and C. Kodors, 2012, Glaciation of North
America in the James Bay Lowland, Canada, 3.5 Ma. geology.
First published online September 4, 2012

This provides evidence of glaciation in North America of
continental glaciations that are of a magnitude that is likely
comparable to Pleistocene glaciations started about 3.5
million years ago. This glaciation coincides with the
documented intensification of glaciation in the northwest
Pacific region about 3.45 million years ago. Thus, "Ice Ages"
were already in process a million years before the Eltanin
asteroid impact and it may have simply only accentuated,
if anything at all, climatic changes that had already started.

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