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From: Jim Wooddell <jimwooddell_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2012 08:31:57 -0700
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Morning Adam and all!

Some claim constantly that taxes are not going up! Hmmmm. This looks
like a direct increase to me!

I am sure the Feds know exactly who everyone is....it would not take
much of an effort to find anyone of us. I do not feel I have anything
to hide and have been researching the 1099B for a while as I buy Gold
and Silver....that's what I do now. I am still confused with it (a
lot) and just hope I am doing it right...the best I can hope for! I
am following ICTA recommendations that I have read and think I

In light of these new meteorite rules, the people of AZ have
Proposition 120 to consider. In a nut shell, it's AZ telling the Feds
to go pound sand and reclaim sovereignty they should have had in the
first place.... which is a states right! Something we all should
seriously look at and consider. I know politics are vodoo here...so I
wont state an my opinion. It does directly effect meteorite hunting
in the State of AZ. How this plays out will be interesting, to say
the least.

Here is something else you may or may not be aware of....

Because the Colorado River is between states, it is considered Federal
Water. The primary AOR is Inland Water for the Coast Guard.
Recently, the BLM has pushed it's way in, claiming they control the
land UNDER THE WATER and began requiring permits ON THE WATER for
vendors and such. This was a big deal on Lake Havasu for many
vendors, etc.
This stuff just continues to happen in this state and it seems the
people are very much powerless against this sort of thing.



On Sun, Sep 23, 2012 at 7:38 AM, Adam Hupe <raremeteorites at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi Jim And List Members
> Meteorites have always been considered collectables and are therefore taxed at the highest capitol gains rate.
> It has been known for some time that meteorites and rocks found on federal land are not to be used for commercial purposes. The new barter clause and weight limits are outrageous. I still see people selling meteorites on eBay from Franconia and other federal land. Gold Basin is another sticky meteorite so you better have your paperwork in order. It concerns me that a BLM agent was making the rounds at the Denver show looking for U.S. meteorites and spouting off these new rules. Unfortunately, Nevada, where I live is about 89% federal land. With Tucson coming up, my advise is to pull any inventory that could result in an arrest.
> I don't sell any meteorite I have found. I want to state for the record that nearly all of my U.S. offerings originated from T.C.U. and came from a reputable broker.
> A white BLM truck was spotted at Franconia a few days ago so don't get caught with a main mass.
> Best Regards,
> Adam
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> Hello Adam and all
> I beleive the NEW 1099-B may cover meteorites! Look at the Barter
> Exchange clause!
> Jim
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