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It is no surprise at all the government doesn't want citizens investing in gold thus making it impossible to get new mines open. Then reclassifying gold, platinum and silver bullion as collectables under a healthcare reform act so that they can bump them up to the highest capitol gains tax bracket serves to prove this as well.? They want you to support the federal reserve by buying bonds so that they can continue to print $.

I think the BLM needs to be contacted and the truth be told that there are not millions of dollars worth of meteorites lying around for the taking on federal land.? These idiotic new rules will just serve to push the small market underground.? It will not be long before they start policing eBay and the shows again for meteorites found on dry lake beds and washes.

At least when a drunken sailor blows threw money, it is his own!


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Not meaning to get off topic, but check your facts Mike.? That is not true - nobody was trying to open the?Grand Canyon National Park to mining.

The?mining closures?"at the Grand Canyon", that people?have challenged?are OUTSIDE the Grand Canyon Park Boundaries, on land that has been open for claiming since mining claims have been granted.? So it is not true that they are trying to mine the Grand Canyon and certainly nobody is trying to rape it.

What has happened is companies have spent millions to develop claims in good faith, on land they were guaranteed as?open to claiming.? Basically the Feds?changed the zoning on them, after they have poured a lot of money into their projects.

Nobody is trying to open mines inside the Grand Canyon!? They are?challenging the unlawful closure of claimable land.? Congress creates park land, not the executive.

This administration is?basically abusing their power by expanding park boundaries without technically doing so.? Just like?they have inacted these new BLM?rules with?no PUBLIC INPUT!

Don't listen to the talking points and dig into the situation a little.? Look at the maps of the park and the maps of the lands closed to claiming.? They are not park lands....

Sorry to get political, but the truth is?our legislature turned a $3B budget deficet into a $400M surplus.? Something I wish the Feds would do...

We need to craft a response to these new BLM rules and begin to push back.? That is our only hope to change things.

Mark Bowling
Vail, AZ

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This was talked about last year by our amazing Arizona government as a way to open mining in Grand Canyon, a horrible idea by them to profit from the rape of our most beautiful national park! The state wants "sovereignty" to pillage anything of value. This same state government and our esteemed governor sold the state capital building I fund the government during the downturn, only to pay it off and buy it back last year, a $130,000,000 "million" dollar scam and loss to the taxpayers.
We can not trust them to take care of anything.
Go Feds, tell Brewer to "shove off". Since the federal government bought Arizona, all federal lands need to be protected from these short-sighted politicians looking to line their own pockets!

Michael Farmer
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On Sep 23, 2012, at 9:26 AM, "Paul H." <oxytropidoceras at cox.net> wrote:

> In ?New BLM Rules? at
> http://six.pairlist.net/pipermail/meteorite-list/2012-September/087388.html
> Jim Wooddell wrote,
> ?In light of these new meteorite rules, the people
> of AZ have Proposition 120 to consider. In a nut
> shell, it's AZ telling the Feds to go pound sand and
> reclaim sovereignty they should have had in the
> first place.... which is a states right! Something we
> all should seriously look at and consider. I know
> politics are vodoo here...so I wont state an my
> opinion. It does directly effect meteorite hunting
> in the State of AZ. How this plays out will be
> interesting, to say the least.?
> There is an article about Proposition 120 in:
> Proposition Challenges Control Of Federal Lands
> Move to seize 25 million acres divides candidates
> for Legislature by Pete Aleshire, Payson Roundup,
> September 23, 2012.
> http://www.paysonroundup.com/news/2012/sep/14/proposition-challenges-control-federal-lands/
> The article states:
> ?Many opponents maintain that the whole crusade
> amounts to a waste of time and effort, since federal
> courts have repeatedly ruled that federal law takes
> precedence over state law and that states have no
> power to nullify federal law, including the landmark
> Cooper v. Aaron case in 1958. The federal government
> acquired much of Arizona from Mexico through the
> Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that ended the Mexican-
> American War. The federal government acquired the
> rest of the territory through the Gadsen Purchase. By
> contrast, the 13 original colonies entered the union
> with very little public land.
> As a result, a number of independent legal scholars
> have concluded that the federal courts would quickly
> overturn the measure even if it passes, according to
> an analysis of the proposition published by the
> Morrison Institute for Public Policy.?
> Look at:
> Perkins, E. J., 2012, Understanding Arizona's Propositions:
> 2012 Series. Prop 120 ? State Sovereignty Act. Morrison
> Institute for Public Policy, Arizona State University, Phoenix,
> Arizona
> http://morrisoninstitute.asu.edu/2012-understanding-arizonas-propositions/2012-prop-120-state-sovereignty-act
> I would not hold my breathe waiting for proposition
> 120 to change matters as far as the BLM goes.
> Also, one result of proposition 120 would be to turn
> all national parks, including the Grand Canyon, within
> Arizona to the state of Arizona, who could then sell
> this property to private individuals and corporation
> to do what they want with them. Destroying all of the
> national park system within Arizona seems to be a
> steep price to pay for getting rid of BLM regulations
> that people do not like.
> Also, you may find state officials no different, or even
> worse, than federal officials with which to deal. Be
> careful for what you wish.
> Best wishes,
> Paul H.
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