[meteorite-list] Enstatite Connection to Mercury

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That's right, no evidence for an angrite composition on the surface of
Mercury -- at least not yet. Angrites have far too much FeO in the
silicates to match the spectra of Mercury. Also, angrites are among
the oldest igneous rocks in the solar system (SAH 99555 is probably
the oldest known igneous rock), and you would expect to see somewhat
younger ages from a planet (like Mercury or Mars) or even a large body
like our Moon -- it takes millions of years to differentiate and form
a crust.

Who knows, maybe some aubrites are from Mercury, or maybe we need to
keep searching!

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Subject: [meteorite-list] Enstatite Connection to Mercury
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Hi, All,
I just came across this:
Mercury's Surface Resembles Rare Meteorites
..."The surface is dominated by minerals high in magnesium and
enriched in sulfur, making it similar to partially melted versions of
an enstatite chondrite,
a rare type of meteorite that formed at high temperatures in
low-oxygen conditions in the inner solar system."
(The price of enstatites just went up!;))
Unless I've missed it, there hasn't been any connection of angrites to
Mercury come out of Messenger's analysed data, correct?
It's safe to assume angrites have an unknown source but not Mercury,
at this time?
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